How to Use ios 16 Features?

How to Use ios 16 Features? The main innovation of iOS 16 is definitely a new lock screen. We talked about it in a separate article. But few people paid attention to how Apple focused its efforts. Back in iOS 15, Cupertino radically changed the good old do not disturb mode to concentrate.

Thanks to him, it has become more convenient to control notifications arriving on your smartphone than before. If before it was only possible to allow calls from selected contacts and everything else was turned off, now it is possible to select specific applications and people who can always contact you.

How to Use ios 16 Features?

In addition, for different focus modes, it was possible to set up an ignition schedule and different sources of notifications. But in iOS 16 they went further and added the possibility to change the lock screen on desktop computers and even limit notifications from accounts in apps in different focus settings. Let’s see how this innovation works.

Focus Mode – iPhone

How to Use ios 16 Features

You can now bind more different customizations to individual modes than before.

If until now you have never used various focus modes in iOS 15, then it’s time to try it. At the moment, their essence in this section is to select people and applications that at the time of each can contact you or send a notification. At the same time, for each individual mode, you can set your own running time or automation at the point of inclusion.

All this is very convenient and allows you to flexibly share work schedules and contacts with staff. The main thing is to set it up once, and everything will work.

For iOS16 Apple decided to go much further and looked into the customization possibilities. For years, iPhone users complained that Cupertino didn’t give them enough freedom to customize their devices themselves. With the new operating system, that has changed.

Now for each individual goal, you can create lock screens, desktops, and even watch faces for the apple watch. And depending on the settings, they will either switch based on the time or based on your location. It certainly looks impressive.

To bind the lock screen to the focus mode you need proceed as follows:

After these steps, the lock screen will change with the selected focus mode. All this will be done automatically and will not require any action from the user.

But even this is not the most interesting opportunity that has presented itself. Now, thanks to focus, you can hide those that are not needed at a certain time or in a specific place in the application.

You can concentrate only on the programs you choose and not be distracted, for example, by social networks while you work. Yes, hidden programs will be available via the “Application Library” but not everyone wants to go. To customize the desktop for a specific focus, you must:

    • Open Settings.
    • Get into focus.
How to Use ios 16 Features

The main thing is not to lose hidden applications from the desktop.

    • Select the mode for which you want to set a separate desktop or create a new one using the “+” button.
    • On the screen selection page, click the middle icon.

The editing interface is very clear and understandable.

  • Create desktops that will be available in this mode and modify the applications that should be placed there.
  • Click the Add button.

If you also have an apple watch, then on the same screen you can set a separate dial that is activated with this focus mode. Thanks to this, you can clearly distinguish the personal space from the workspace on your smartphone and your watch.

How to Disable Notifications on iPhone?

Over time, supported applications may become more numerous.

If in iOS 15 Apple allowed you to select apps and contacts who can send you notifications, then in iOS 16 it became possible to limit accounts in apps or set additional filters. For example, in “Mail”. When using business and personal email.

When “Work” mode is enabled, email notifications from a personal account will not be received. And vice versa, when you activate the “Personal” mode. Comfortable? Not that word! It Allows you to ignore unnecessary alerts.

To set the filters for the focus mode you need, do the following:

At the moment, only Calendar, Mail, Messages, Safari apps, and the ability to enable power-saving mode with a night theme are available. Apple has done a great job with focus mode in the new system.

If you dig a little into the settings, everyone will find the necessary settings for themselves and customize the device exclusively to their needs.