How to use Google Photo Editor?

How to use Google Photo Editor? does google have a free photo editor?  Discover everything you can do with the Google Photos photo editor.

Undoubtedly, one of the essential Google applications for the vast majority of Android terminal users is Google Photos despite the fact that this popular app became a paid app in June of last year.

Google Photos is an application that allows you to have a backup copy of your photos and videos, but not only that since it also has a complete photo editor, which has recently been renewed, with which you can improve your photo’s favorites.

The Google Photos application on an Android mobile

For this reason, on this occasion, we come to talk about The 8 Settings You Can Touch With Google Photos Editor and that they are more useful than you think.


The first Google Photos editor setting you can use to enhance a photo is brightness, which in the Google app refers to the exposure of an image.

Adjusting the brightness of an image will allow you to change exposure without loss of quality and so you can improve photos that are too bright or too dark.


The contrast is the difference between the blackest tint and the whitest tint in a photograph and if you adjust the contrast of an image with the Google Photos editor that will be sharper and will be seen more clearly.


Another parameter that we can modify in a photo with the Google Photos editor is saturation. By increasing the saturation of an image, you will make this much more colorful something that will allow you to bring some offbeat photos to life.


The warmth of a photo refers to the color temperature and so with this setting, you can get warmer images, with an orange tint, or cooler images with a more bluish tint. If you adjust the heat of a photo correctly, you can achieve very good results.


Although many smartphones already have this feature natively in their camera apps, the Google Photos editor also allows you to apply this setting to any image.

HDR or High Dynamic Range is a tool that allows you to match dark and light tones in a photo achieving a great contrast between the lights and shadows of the image.

It is important that you know that to apply this setting to your photographs you will need to be a subscriber to one of the terms of Google’s premium cloud storage service, Google One

Lights and Shadows

The Google Photos editor has two more settings called strong points and shades which will allow you to adjust highlights and shadows in a photo to improve it without losing quality.

White Point and Black Point

Two other Google Photos editor settings that will allow you to enhance an image are the white point and the black point. These two options will improve the lightest and darkest parts of a photo to obtain an image with the perfect balance between light and dark.


Often mobile cameras don’t represent people’s skin tone well and the Google Photos editor allows you to solve this problem.

The fit complexion it allows you to change skin color saturation for more realistic and natural images.