How to use Apple Music?

This article explains How to use Apple Music, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 12 or later.

How to Search Music on Apple Music?

Here’s how to find music to listen to with Apple Music:

Before you begin, you must create an apple music account . Take advantage of the free trial offer to familiarize yourself with the service.

  1. with the app open music, click the Search tab.
  2. The search screen allows you to search and offers shortcuts to trendy (i.e. popular) music. Tap trending items to view that content. To find what you want, go to the next step.
  3. Tap the search bar. Make sure the tab AppleMusic is selected to search all Apple Music and not just your current library.
  4. Write the name of the artist, song or album what you are looking for in the search bar.
    Can’t remember the name of the song or the artist? AppleMusic It can also help you find music by searching the lyrics.
  5. Once you have entered what you are looking for, the results will start showing up on the page. The results are categorized as main results, Artists, Albums, Songs and other categories.

    Other interesting categories are playlists (playlists created by Apple Music that match your search), People (other Apple Music users) AppleMusic whose names match your search) and shared playlists (playlists created by users that match your search).
  6. What happens after you tap on the search result you’re interested in depends on the item. the songs they reproduce, scrapbook view all songs in album, artists view all albums artist, etc

How to use Apple Music?

Any music you find in AppleMusic can play on Diffusion pressing the play button. But having to search every time you want to listen to a song is a pain. Add songs and albums to your Apple Music library so you never have to search for them again. Here we explain how:

  1. Find a song or albumthat you want to add to your library.
  2. In the search results, songs have a + icon next to them. To add the song to your library, tap the +.
  3. If you want to add an album or playlist to your library, B
  4. Touch the add a button at the top of the screen.
    You can also touch the … icon and then touch Add Bir to library.
  5. When the song, album or playlist the reproduction I know they add to your library, a large checkmark will appear on the screen.
  6. You’ll also know it’s in your library because the button add is replaced by a download icon (a cloud with a down arrow on it. More on this in the next section).

How to Save Apple Music Songs for Offline Listening?

Add music to your library awesome, but Apple Music lets you do even better. just add Music to your library means that every time you play a song, the will transmit. This requires being connected to a Wi-Fi network or using wireless data, and if you don’t have a connection to Internet you will not be able to listen to the music.

Work around these limitations by downloading music to your iPhone or iPad for offline listening. This uses storage space on your device, but means you’ll never miss any songs you want. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Follow the steps in the last sections to add a song, playlist or album to your music library.
  2. Navigate to the item you just added. If it is a song, you can find it in the list of songs in the Library tab. If it’s an album or playlist, go to the screen that lists all the tracks.
  3. Touch the icon To download (the cloud with the down arrow) to download the song, album or playlist the reproduction on your device.
  4. you can download songs
    individual or entire albums, depending on which download icon you tap.
    Do you want to delete downloaded music from your iPhone or iPad?
    It’s almost as simple as adding it. Just find the music you want to delete and tap the … icon and select Delete. You can then decide to remove downloads (to leave the music in your library for streaming, but remove the downloads) or remove from library (to remove the downloads and remove the songs from your library).

How to Share a Playlist on Apple Music?

Apple Music lets you share the playlists you create with other users. It’s a fun way to share your creations with others who like the same kind of music as you. To share your playlists on Apple Music, follow these steps:

  1. Create a list of the reproduction. You can do this with music you already have in your library or by adding new music from Apple Music.
    Don’t know how to create a playlist? learn to do it in How to create and useplaylists on iPhone.
  2. Then you need to share your profile and your list of the reproduction with the others. In the Music app, tap the For You tab.
  3. Tap the silhouette icon in the top corner to access your profile.
  4. Tap See what your friends are listening to. This lets you connect with your friends to share music, see what everyone is listening to, and discover new artists.
  5. Click on Start.
  6. Follow the instructions on the screen. IEnter your name, create an Apple Music username, find friends from your Contacts app to connect (or don’t, if you’d rather skip this step), then choose whether Everyone or Only People that you approve can connect. Music profile and playlists.
    This section focuses on sharing playlistsbut these features also let you see what your friends are listening to, share music, and more.
  7. Choose the playlists you want to share on AppleMusic.
  8. Choose the types of notifications you want to receive from Apple Music, if any, and tap Done to start sharing your playlists.
  9. Now, when you want to share a playlist on Apple Music, just go to the playlist, tap Edit on the top corner and move the slideshown my profile and in search at the on/green position.
  10. Remember that depending on your configuration in step 6, your playlists only can be shared with friends or any Apple Music user can find them via search.
    Did you find another user’s playlist that you like? Add it to your library like you would any other music from Apple Music. I touched Add on the screen that lists all the songs in the playlist. You can even download the songs to listen to them offline.

How to Share Apple Music

Some features allow you to share Apple Music with your friends and family. This could mean sharing a subscription or simply submitting an awesome new song. No matter what kind of sharing you want to do, learn how share apple music .

Using the For You tab in Apple Music

Apple Music isn’t just a huge library of songs, it also learns your tastes and habits to recommend music you’ll like:

  • Mix of favourites: A regularly updated playlist of the songs you listen to the most. This is your personal greatest hits collection. Other mixes made from your listeners are available by swiping from right to left/
  • Recently played: It’s your personal greatest hits collection: Based on what you’ve recently listened to, Apple Music brings you albums and playlists, broken down by genre, that are updated regularly.
  • Suggested playlists and albums: Based on what you’ve recently listened to, Apple Music suggests albums and playlists, broken down by genre. These are updated regularly.
  • New releases: The latest releases from artists already in your music library. This lets Apple know your likes and dislikes, so it can give you more quality music. Find out how in Why You Should Rate Songs on iTunes and iPhone A lot of data goes into determining the recommendations in the For You tab. Help shape those recommendations by marking and rating songs as favorites. This lets Apple know your likes and dislikes, so it can bring you more great music. Find out how to do it on Why do you need to rate songs on iTunes and iPhone.

Use the radio in Apple Music The main function of Apple Music is music streaming service. Diffusion, but that’s not the only thing it offers. The Radio tab has a large number of radio functions, including the radio station in streaming Beats 1 from Apple, curated by experts and filled with DJ, and Pandora-style stations that you can create and customize yourself.

Learn about all the features of Apple Music Radio in How to Use iTunes Radio in iTunes. How to Cancel an Apple Music Subscription Have you tried and decided that Apple Music is not for you? Find out how to cancel your subscription by reading How to Cancel an Apple Music Subscription . See our article on built-in music app on iPhone.