How to use a AirTag?

How to use a AirTag? Apple not only offers gadgets for all occasions, but not everyone knows how to use them correctly in non-standard situations. Especially, AirTag issues, features and other useful properties have long been known to users, but it is not clear to everyone what to do if a hidden label in an item appears on the map. 

Apple recommends that you contact the police immediately and follow the instructions – it really works! But you absolutely must not show initiative, otherwise you risk ending up with a broken nose. 

Using the example of three stories, let’s see what exactly not to do if Lost AirTag and what to do in this situation.

What not to do with AirTag?

Very often, AirTag is used to find a lost vehicle. Less often – cars, more often – electric scooters and scooters. The stories end in different ways: someone manages to find the loss, someone else has to get punched in the face for it. However, most stories say that AirTag is a great replacement for car alarms, which don’t always work.

New Yorker Steven Herbert pensively installed AirTag in the scooter Honda Metropolitan to find him if he goes missing. He did everything right: three days later his vehicle was stolen, but with the help of the iPhone locator he managed to find the location of the scooter, luckily find AirTag possible in any part of the world.

So he tracked the location and turned to the police to return the loss, but for some reason he took the initiative with his own hands and drove to Bushwick, one of the neighborhoods of Brooklyn, in hopes that he would be able to resist the robbers himself.

When he arrived at his destination, he encountered a young man who left at one point, but later returned with an accomplice. They often say: “You come alone and we will come alone”. Stephen, apparently, misunderstood the sentence, as a result of which he caught it so that he does not remember how many people beat him and how his nose was broken – now , the young man will need an operation to restore his original appearance.

Oh yes, the scooter was never returned to him. The “hero” himself admits that it was not worth tackling it, and he does not feel the same security in his domain.

How to Use a AirTag Correctly?

After all, there are good use cases for AirTag: an Ontario resident lost a Range Rover stuffed with state-of-the-art security systems. 

In addition, the thieves threw everything out of the car, including the wallet and the phone, to cover their tracks, so the police could not find the kidnappers and return the car to the owner.

True, he was not discouraged: he bought a new car and stuffed it with three AirTags at once, installing them in different parts of the car. In general, life got better, however, this car was also stolen from him, but he managed to find it thanks to Apple beacons: he found out that the Range Rover was in the processing industrial zone of metals and immediately contacted the police. 

More importantly, the vigilant citizen did not interfere with the investigation and the police managed to recover not only his car, but also about 9 other stolen cars that were wanted. By the way, none of the three AirTags were found!

Do you understand what the problem is? It is important to contact the police as soon as possible and not to interfere with the police. But what if your application is not taken seriously? 

There is also such a precedent: Dan Guido from the United States created AirTag in the electric scooterwhich, of course, was stolen. Even protection in the form of a lock did not help. 

Dan found the AirTag in Locator the next day, but he didn’t have time to figure it out – he must have flown away. He was even upset that the electric scooter could not be returned now due to the fact that the tag would sooner or later inform the thief that the AirTag was nearby.

All week he watched AirTag in the Latitude appwho didn’t budge, and after he returned he turned himself in to the police, where his AirTag story was not taken seriously at first, but later the police went to the police nonetheless. address with the victim.

Even the electric scooter has a niche where you can hide the AirTag

It turned out that the stolen scooter was in a second-hand scooter shop, and even with a cut wire, which was supposed to be a brake: most likely, in this way, the seller wanted to get rid of AirTag Sounds

It was possible to prove the right to own an electric scooter by using an application on the iPhone, and the police discovered that they bought everything in this general store, without asking for any documents for the device or the customers’ contact details. .

Here are three amazing stories about the benefits of AirTag.

  • AirTag is a really useful thing. And it’s better when several geotags are used at once. So more reliable.
  • In no case do not try to return the stolen device yourself: contact the police and wait for news.
  • If possible, use third-party apps for lost devices so you can prove ownership.

Did AirTag help you return an item? How did you act? Share your experience in the comments!