How to Unblock an Account on Pinterest?

You have received a notification from the social network’s help desk Pinterest, about temporarily blocking your account and want to know how to unblock your profile quickly. What is a safe mode, and how to easily protect your profile from Tipsing?

We offer you a brief overview of good decisions and answers to essential questions that should not be ignored by active participants in the global idea repository.

How to Unblock an Account on Pinterest?

Pinterest ー is not a promotional social network used daily by millions of visual bookmarks and creative whiteboards. And to ensure the safety of our users, Pinterest social network uses the most aggressive methods to combat spam and active business accounts that use bots for automated interactions on the network. So if you suggest tackling the causes, restrictions on social interactions, and fatal consequences first and foremost, i.e., an eternal ban, Account no right to recover.  

How to Avoid Blocking Accounts on Pinterest?

Before we start a basic overview of all types of individual locks and unlocking solutions, we would like, with your permission, to give valuable tips to avoid unpleasant consequences. Therefore, if you want to remain a law-abiding resident of the global catalog of ideas and receive new ideas for a hobby or start a profitable online business daily, you should consider a few essential facts. 

Seven factors that will minimize the likelihood of your account being blocked and increase Pinterest’s trust level 

1. Link Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to your personal Pinterest profile. 

2. Use Facebook or Google+ to connect to the Pinterest social network. 

3. Turn off your VPN before entering the site because there is a chance that the moderator bot will suspect that intruders have Tipsed your account, and you will be put into “safe mode.” 

4. Add an avatar. 

5. Do not ignore messages from the network support service. 

7. Interact with network members and know existing limits and restrictions for Pins, Follows, and Likes. 

8. Be friendly with residents of Pinterest so as not to receive complaints from other network members. 

Types and primary reasons for blocking an account on Pinterest

  1. Suspicious activity

If you see a message logging in too often, wait 5-30 minutes and try logging in again. If a message appears the connection was blocked due to suspicious activity, this can happen for the following reasons: 

  • Social services could block all connection attempts from your IP address. This is usually done to stop spammers, but regular users who use the internet in public places, such as cafes or offices, can sometimes be affected. Wait 5-30 minutes and try again.
  • We may have blocked all login attempts from your region. This is usually done to stop known spammer attacks.
  1. Temporary blocking

Temporary suspension of your Pinterest account, usually triggered by repeating the same action too quickly or too often. You may be blocked if you:

  • Get in and out often. 
  • You’re too quick to leave comments on pins (especially if you include links in them). 
  • Leave the same comment multiple times (mainly if you include a link). 
  • You quickly subscribe to multiple users in a row. 
  • Pin too short pins or put Likes (especially if the Pins come from the same site). 
  • Use shortened links or redirects (e.g.,
  • Use the Services to earn money from short links or to click on quick links on Pinterest social network (e.g.,,

If an account on Pinterest is temporarily blocked, the account is placed in safe mode and requires a mandatory password reset. 

  1. “Bot detected!”

Connection blocked for using a bot detected in the Pinterest social network. What to do and how to unblock an account?

Most restrictions are lifted automatically within 24 hours. This does not apply to warnings about bots found on the network. In such cases, we do not remove the restriction until the issue is resolved. 

The bot, through the eyes of Pinterest.

If you see a message when you try to use Pinterest, “Bot detected!” we have blocked your account because an automatic bot has been detected on your network.

A bot is a computer program that interferes with or poses a security risk to Pinterest.

Why is Pinterest fighting bots?

Bots can slow you down on Pinterest or threaten security. It is for these reasons that we fight bots. For more information, please see our Acceptable Use Policy.

How to unblock an account if you receive the message “Bot detected!”

If you didn’t run Pinterest Promotion Software, it might have been done by someone on the same computer network, or you may have logged in to Pinterest using someone else’s network. This often happens when using corporate VPNs, proxy services, and hosted web applications (like Amazon EC2 and Google App Engine). Try using another Internet connection for Pinterest.

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