How to Turn Off the Alarm on Another iPhone? Two cool ways

The alarm clock is one of the most useful features of any phone. Over the years of existence of smartphones in our lives, we have become so accustomed to using them that for a long time we see no reason to buy a separate gadget for it. But it often happens that someone else’s alarm clock crackles all over the room and prevents you from working or doing other important things, for example, sleeping well. Why, you can often hear the alarm clock even outside the door of the next apartment. Fortunately, Apple has anticipated this and added a few Hidden iPhone Featuresmaking it possible to regularize the situation in a jiffy. After all, you see, it’s much nicer when your family members wake you up, and not an annoying phone call? Rest assured, you will not find this manual in the Apple manuals.

How to Turn Off the Alarm on Another iPhone

We are talking about the alarm clock chips on the iPhone, which you certainly did not know.

How to turn off the alarm on another phone

The first alarm function I would like to talk about is − deactivate the alarm remotely via Siri. In our articles, we often criticize Apple’s voice assistant, when in reality Siri can do much more than you imagine. Another thing is that not everyone knows about these chips.

How to Turn Off the Alarm on Another iPhone

Siri is needed not only to tell you what the weather is like outside the window.

Let’s imagine a situation. Your spouse can’t get up, and the alarm goes off and annoys you. In fact, it is not necessary, because you can wake her up yourself without any problem and you know at what time she will have to leave the house. Especially for this occasion, Apple has added a cool feature to the Alarm Clock app.

After saying the tagline (otherwise you won’t call it), Siri will ask you to confirm the action by using the Yes and No buttons on the screen or by using your voice. If suddenly one of our readers has a HomePod, then the instruction works there too.

How to Turn Off the Alarm on Another iPhone

You can also mute a family member’s alarm through HomePod without any hassle.

How to add someone to Family Sharing

For add someone to Family SharingYou need:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone.
  • Click on your first and last name at the top of the menu, go to the Family Sharing section.
  • Click the Add Family Member button, then click Invite Users.
  • Tap the Invite in Person button and enter your family member’s Apple ID details.
  • After that, the second user will receive a message asking them to accept the invitation.

This is how you can add someone to Family Sharing on iPhone in no time.

Please note that only the organizer can add family members. In addition, the Organizer may authorize or prohibit the sharing of subscriptions, purchases in the App Store, geolocation, etc. Currently where pay for an apple subscription has become nearly impossible, Family Sharing is a lifesaver. Previously, we have already told you how to configure Shared Apple Music SubscriptionI recommend everyone to do it. Cheaper and easier to pay. Well, turning off someone else’s alarm clock will be a nice addition.

How to turn off your phone’s alarm on another phone

In addition to Siri, there is another old-school method mute someone else’s alarm on iphonewhich I have been using for several years now. It’s not the most ideal, but it works perfectly. I have used it all my student life and I recommend it to you.

How to Turn Off the Alarm on Another iPhone

To deactivate the alarm on another phone, just call it.

Well, in order not to disturb your household, I recommend that you get up on time and immediately turn off all alarms. If anyone didn’t know, you can also use Siri for that. Say it “Siri, turn off all alarms“.

Still, it’s good that Apple pays great attention to such trifles. This is exactly why we love this company. No other manufacturer, alas, can boast of this.

If you have any of your own Tipss on this topic, be sure to share them in our Telegram chat or in the comments below. Let’s help each other and using Apple technology will become even easier and more convenient for all of us.