How to Translate a Message in Telegram and what to do if the translation does not work

How to Translate a Message in Telegram? Perhaps there is no other messenger whose functionality could be compared to Telegram. Channels, reactions, bots, separate tabs, your own cloud storage with no volume limit – there’s nothing here. But the developers do not stop there and constantly add something new.

Even when, it seems, there is simply nothing to add, Pavel Durov’s team proves to us that there are no limits to perfection. Another thing is that many of us are not even aware of some of the available opportunities that Telegram gives us. For example, the function message translation.

Telegram has a message translation feature that many people don’t know about. Curiously, but translated messages in Telegram didn’t show up today. It’s just that when it happened, for some reason, no one paid much attention to it. And since the innovation also had to be activated by force, even those who knew about it did not want to understand the method of activation or could not.

However, it would be foolish to let the work of the developers go to the wind. So today we are going to find out how to translate messages in a telegram Literally a few clicks.

How to Translate a Message in Telegram?

  • Launch the Telegram app on your iPhone;
  • Open “Settings” and go to the “Language” section;

If the translation is enabled, but not working, disable and re-enable it

  • Enable the option “Show “Translate” button;
  • Open the “Do not translate” tab and uncheck all the boxes;

Translating messages in Telegram works both ways

  • Now open any chat or channel, long press on the message you want to translate;
  • In the drop-down window, select “Translate”, specify the translation parameters and get the final result.

Ready message translation will appear in a pop-up window. The text of the original message will be placed at its top and the translated version will be placed below.

However, that’s not all. If necessary, you can listen to how the translated message would sound in a foreign language. At the very bottom of the tab, a button for copying the translation will be available, and even lower – the ability to change the language to one of the dozens of others available in Telegram.

By default, if the text of the message is written in Russian, Telegram will translate him into English. That’s what the switch language button is for. But, if the source message is in another language, the target language will be the default language set in the messenger.

Let’s say Telegram itself is translated into Russian. As a result, his service will be perceived as native. But, if the messenger works in English, all messages will be translated into English.

Translation of Messages in Telegram

It is possible that when you go to the “Language” settings section, you will find that the translation function is already activated. For example, this is exactly what happened to me, but Telegram, in principle, did not offer me the opportunity to translate messages into all languages.

We the editorial staff didn’t understand why this was happening, so we considered it a bug. Also, if you disable the translation function and turn it on again, everything starts to work as it should.

Telegram uses the Google Translate API, so overall the translation quality is quite high

For translation quality for the most part nothing to complain about. There is information that Telegram uses the API Google Translate, so large messages that are put into context – like newsletters or entire publications – it translates very well, without making mistakes.

But, if they are short messages without context, the translation will be less good. The service is completely wrong because it simply has nothing to “hang on” when interpreting.

Telegram translator works everywhere: in chats, in groups and in channels. This is very convenient because today many people use this messenger as their main news platform, preferring to consume news and analysis about the current situation right here.

But since not everyone in Telegram writes in Russian right away, the possibility translate a text into your mother tongue can be very useful for good understanding.