How to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone? First official way

How to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone? Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone has always been a problem for users. Despite the existence of third-party applications that allowed this, almost all of them required the simultaneous connection of both smartphones to the computer and the performance of manipulations that were not the easiest for the average user.

And, as a rule, they were also offered to pay them, because there was no alternative anyway. However, after so many years, WhatsApp developers have finally introduced an official way of chat forwarding between the two platforms.

How to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone?

While the technique of WhatsApp chat transfer only works one way: from Android to iPhone, but not vice versa. However, just as easily as in Telegram, correspondence cannot be transferred anyway. It won’t be enough for you to just log into WhatsApp on a new device. You will need to meet several requirements, as well as use Apple’s official app to transfer data from android to ios.

Transfer WhatsApp Chats from Android to iPhone

During the transfer, the devices must be connected to a power source

To transfer WhatsApp messages from android to iPhone you will need:

  • Android smartphone with Android version 5.0 or later;
  • iPhone with iOS version 15.5 or later;
  • WhatsApp for iOS version and Android version or newer;
  • When transferring to iPhone, the phone number to which the WhatsApp account is linked must be used;
  • Both smartphones must be connected to a power source and to the same Wi-Fi network.

If all these conditions are met, you can go directly to transfer chats to your iPhone. As we stated above, the transfer is not done automatically by permission, but as part of a package with other data using the Transfer to iOS app.

  • Download the Transfer to iOS app on your Android smartphone;
  • Factory reset iPhone as described in this link;
  • Start iPhone initial setup and select Android Data Transfer;

Both devices must be connected to a power source for the transfer to complete.

  • A code will appear on the iPhone screen which you need to enter in the Transfer to iOS app;

A code will appear on the iPhone screen which you need to enter in the Transfer to iOS app

  • Select the data you want to transfer and mark it as WhatsApp;
  • Confirm the data transfer and wait for the process to complete;
  • Once done, download WhatsApp from the App Store and sign in with your phone number.

Important: transfer WhatsApp chats from android to ios performed only in the event of a complete rupture factory reset on iPhone. Otherwise, you will not be able to start the data transfer procedure. Despite this, after its completion, you can restore a backup copy of all your data from iCloud without any restrictions. The main thing is to take care of savings WhatsApp chat backup so that they do not fall in the future.

Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone for Free

Correspondence forwarding in WhatsApp is not very conveniently implemented. But it’s better than nothing

Let’s be honest, the technique of WhatsApp transfer, proposed by the main developers themselves, is not only not simple, but also not too obvious. For example, it is completely illogical to expect that install the WhatsApp app you need after the data transfer and not before, and all chats will be restored automatically after authorization with the desired phone number.

It’s unclear where the correspondence is stored at this time, which can take up a lot of space, just as it’s unclear what will happen to it if it doesn’t. install WhatsApp client and leave everything as is. I doubt that the system automatically deletes saved temporary files and continues to store them until the moment of a complete reset.

As practice shows, in the process of WhatsApp chat transfer, However, not all mobile data is transferred. Call history, for example, will remain on the old device, as will your username. Thus, the list of those you have already called will have to be restored from memory. Not to say that it is a great tragedy, but in general, the moment is not very pleasant, considering that many people only use WhatsApp for calls.

In the end, if the developers figured out how forward chats are protected by end-to-end encryption, it’s strange that they haven’t implemented call history transfer either. Maybe they just didn’t think of it. Perhaps they deliberately chose not to. Or, perhaps, the implementation of this mechanism took too much effort, and they abandoned this idea so as not to waste additional time and resources on the company.