How to Transfer Spotify Playlist to Apple Music?

How to transfer Spotify playlist to apple music? Maybe you have decided to leave AppleMusic to go to Spotify, but you don’t want to lose the library you’ve spent so much time cultivating. Or maybe you just want to pass a playlist of Apple Music to the account of Spotify from a friend for your enjoyment. 

Whether your goal is to transfer a small portion of your personal library of Apple Music Spotify like the whole suite, you’ll soon discover that there’s no obvious way to sync libraries between AppleMusic Y Spotifyat least not without enlisting the help of a third-party app or service.

That’s where a service called Tune My Music is. Tune My Music lets you quickly sync music libraries from competing streaming services. Unlike other apps and services that do similar magic for a fee, Tune My Music allows you to exchange music libraries of less than 500 songs for free.

Best of all, you’re not limited to Apple Music or Spotify. Let’s say you want to make a playlist to share with all your friends; whether they use Tidal or Amazon Music, or Napster (yes, even modern Napster is supported), Tune My Music has you covered.

How to Transfer Spotify Playlist to Apple Music?

How to Transfer Spotify Playlist to Apple Music

Tune My Music it’s a web-based app, but it works on both desktop and mobile, so head over to the main webpage of Tune My Music from any device and then tap the button that says «Let us begin. « Next, if you’re transferring music from Apple Music to Spotify, press the button Apple Music, enter your Apple ID and password, and select Allow when asked if you give permission for Tune My Music to connect with Apple Music.

Then press the button «Following«: Select destination, and choose, in this case, Spotify. Select Accept to allow Tune My Music to contact Spotify, and you can start the transfer process in no time. You’ll then see a list of categories, starting with the songs in your library (all the ones you’ve added to your Apple Music library), followed by the albums and the artists in the library. Then, in alphabetical order, you’ll find all the playlists you’ve created in AppleMusicready to be transferred.

Select Move my music, sit back and watch the progress indicators start to show which ones have been transferred. If your library comprises less than 500 songs, then you are ready: the free version of Tune My Music will move to 500 tracks for free.

How does it work if Apple Music and Spotify are not compatible?

Although technically, AppleMusic Spotify cannot be directly connected to each other (nor can they sync directly with other music streaming services like YouTube Music, Pandora, or, again, Napster), each of those services is designed to connect with third-party applications and services, provided that those third-party applications are not themselves competing for music streaming services. This is what allows you to hear AppleMusic or Spotify on a smart speaker Alexa and why you can control your music right from a workout app.

Tune My Music takes advantage of this loophole and lets you connect as many compatible music streaming services as you like, then lets you move playlists and other items in your music library between them at will. Why can’t Apple Music and Spotify connect directly? Luckily, the question is moot as long as you have Tune My Music to bridge the gap.

For large music libraries, you will have to pay to play.

If your music library contains more than 500 songsTune My Music is one of the least expensive services in its class, with plans starting at 2 dollars per month if paid one year in advance or $4.50 per month if billed monthly. Especially if you only need to use it once to move an entire library, it could pay for itself in the time you save by not having to manually rebuild your streaming library from scratch.

The paid version, however, comes with several other potentially useful features worth the subscription cost if used regularly, including up to 20 automatic syncs and unlimited track conversions between streaming services.

Regardless of whether you use the paid or free version, you can use Tune My Music to keep playlists in sync, publish your own, or copy other people’s across platforms, making it one of the most useful – and affordable – music services on the web.

That said, some alternatives to Tune My Music include apps like SongShift and online services like Soundiiz.