How to Transfer a Call from iPhone to Mac?

How to Transfer a Call from iPhone to Mac? In iOS there are many interesting, but not very clear settings. Some of them, like the TV provider, do not work in Russia, but others can and should be used.

Most of them are designed to work in the ecosystem of devices: for example, the Handoff function located in the settings: in addition to the fact that with the release of iOS 15 you can use FaceTime on Android, the Apple devices have long had a feature that lets you transfer a call from iPhone to Mac.

We say what is transfer on iPhone and how to use it to forward calls to other devices.

How to Transfer a Call from iPhone to Mac?

Apple devices have a handy Handoff feature that lets you start a task on one device and finish it on another. For example, reply to an email in Mail on iPhone and continue on iPad. Transfer is available even in third-party apps.

More importantly, you must be signed in with the same Apple ID on different devices. Additionally, you can transfer call from iphone to mac with one click, but before that, do not forget to activate the necessary settings.

Call can be switched from iPhone to Mac

  • Enable Handoff on your iPhone or iPad (Settings – General – AirPlay & Handoff).
  • In the FaceTime app settings on your Mac, turn on iPhone Calling.
  • Enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both devices.
  • Make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi hotspot and both devices are signed in with the same Apple ID.

After that you can transfer call to mac, after starting it on your iPhone. This is done very easily.

you will open FaceTime on Mac, after which you will need to click on “Join” – your call will be transferred from the iPhone to the Mac. Please note that transfer chat from mac to iphone only possible if you initially answered the call from a computer. That is, switching calls back and forth will not work, unlike the iPhone and iPad.

How to Transfer a Call from iPhone to iPad?

If you don’t have a Mac but have an iPad, you can still take calls if your iPhone is far away. Before that, you also need to check some settings.

    • Make sure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are enabled on both devices.

Don’t forget to turn on the switch in the iPhone

    • Go to your iPhone’s Phone app settings, select Allow Calls, and turn on the switch next to your iPad.
    • In your iPad’s FaceTime settings, turn on iPhone calling.

In iOS 16, you can toggle the call with a click of the button

  • Now, during a call, you need to click on “Audio” and select another device from the list. So, you can switch the call not only on the iPad, but also on the Mac. The exception is the Apple Watch. You cannot forward calls to them.

In iOS 16 switch the call to FaceTime significantly simplified. Now, when talking on a Mac, you need to click on the FaceTime icon at the top of the screen. Sometimes this may not work, so slide down the curtain and tap on the notification: FaceTime will open and you need to click “Change”.

How to use HandOff?

As mentioned above, the Handoff feature helps you continue working with the app on another device. For example, if you have a page open in Safari, or your iPhone’s Contacts app is active, then for convenience, you can switch to Mac or iPad.

You can switch between devices as many times as needed

At the bottom of the Dock, you will have an icon of the app open on the iPhone, after which you just need to click on it and continue from there. Similarly, the chip works with the Mac – next to the app label there will be an “iPhone Safari” signature.

On the iPhone, this banner will appear, which you must click to continue

If, on the contrary, you plan to continue using the app from iPad to iPhone, just start switching between apps and click on the desired app banner below.

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