How to Track Sleep with Apple Watch

How to Track Sleep with Apple WatchAbilities track sleep with Apple Watch waited five long years since the release of the watch. In 2020, alongside the release of watch OS 7, Apple has given this opportunity to its users.

But the number of identified indicators was very low. The watch still could not recognize sleep stages. The maximum that could be seen as time and heart rate, or more simply, pulse. To watch OS 9 there are many more options for monitoring sleep. But the system will not be released until the fall and not be on all devices.

The capabilities of the Sleep app on the Apple Watch today are very modest.

However, if for some reason you want to see the exact picture right now, and install watchOS 9 beta If you don’t want that, we have selected some great apps for you with which you can monitor your sleep.

Apple Watch – Availability

How to Track Sleep with Apple Watch

To recharge the Apple Watch, you will now have to find time before going to bed.

The biggest problem for all users using apple watch in a dream is their autonomy. Unfortunately, they lack some kind of advanced power-saving mode. And the existing one only leaves time on the screen and disables all other functions. If you’ve definitely decided that you need to sleep with your watch on, then you’ll need to rearrange your daily routine so that you can charge the device.

When I was the owner Apple Watch Series 4I also used them at night. But not for monitoring sleep, but for an alarm clock. The melody on the smartphone either woke the whole apartment up with me, or no one heard it.

Therefore, I had to switch to using hours. To have enough charge for the whole night and for the whole working day, I put the watch on charge when I got home around 7:00-8:00 p.m. and put it in my hand around 11:30 p.m. With such a schedule apple watch survived quietly until the evening of the following day. Often even 30% of the battery remained. Of course, the running time of smart watches Apple is their Achilles heel.

After solving the battery life issue, you need to decide which sleep metrics you care about and with which app to track them. For me personally, the most important are sleep phases and heart rate. The watch can track heart rate without additional software, but to determine the phases you need to use a third-party program.

Of course, there is an option to skip installing apps from third-party developers but just roll watchOS 9 beta. We have separate instructions on our website on how to do this. But sincerely I advise you not to do this because, in case of errors and failures, you will not be able to return everything.

Especially for working hours on watch OS 9 on iPhone, you will need to install ios16. Too many betas for a few features. So let’s take a look at three of the most popular sleep-monitoring apps.

How to Track Sleep with Apple Watch?

Best Sleep App – Apple Watch

Best Sleep App

AutoSleep is the most advanced sleep-monitoring app.

Auto Standby is probably the most popular application for sleep tracking on Apple Watch. It provides some of the most detailed data: sleep overview, quality, heart rate, sleep stages and more.

This app uses a ringtone system that allows you to easily track key stats. But some of the handiest features are smart wake-up and automatic sleep detection. With the help of a smart alarm clock, waking up in the morning can be made as comfortable as possible.

You set the time interval in which you need to wake up, and the clock, having determined the most successful sleep phase for this, wakes you up at the specified time interval. The difference with an ordinary alarm clock is that the wake-up time will be different each time. It will always be within the given range, but will never be exact.

The automatic sleep detection will allow you to fall asleep peacefully without thinking that you have to turn on something on your watch. In this situation, the application using the sensors on the apple watch will assess your movements and pulse and can determine what state you are in at the moment.

This is not a subscription and has no in-app purchases. If you use the program as part of Family Access, which we talked about in a separate article, its cost will not seem so high.

Free sleep app – Apple Watch

Best Sleep App

The free Sleep++ can even be forgiven for its slightly spartan interface.

Sleep++ is another popular app for sleep tracking on Apple Watch. It supports, in addition to AutoSleep, automatic sleep detection, phasing and goal setting. The app displays a sufficiently detailed timeline, including when you slept peacefully when you were restless, and when you were awake, and determines when sleep was “best”.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a smart alarm clock in the app. Maybe something is wrong with my knowledge of English, but most likely it’s just not there. Sleep++ has several disadvantages that not all users will consider as such.

  • Only English is supported.
  • The application interface is quite ascetic.
  • There are embedded advertisements.

And the austerity of the interface often makes it possible not to get lost in a mass of information. Adding another language unfortunately won’t work in the app, and that’s actually its only downside.

Sleep Quality – Apple Watch

Best Sleep App

The idea of ​​making a calendar-style application is very successful.

NapBot is a relatively new app for sleep monitoring on apple watch. It appeared two years ago and is rapidly gaining popularity. NapBot uses machine learning to track sleep and lets you see detailed information about stages, trends, and more.

The program interface is built on the principal Calendar apps. By going to a specific day, you can see all the sleep information. The most interesting thing is that NapBot App for Apple Watch can work independently from the iPhone.

To read and validate data, it does not need constant synchronization. Currently, only the previous day’s statistics can be viewed, but over time the developer plans to extend this time frame.