How to Tag a Product in Instagram?

How to tag a product in instagram? Instagram started showing off this new feature late last month. However, it wasn’t until Monday that they finally confirmed their arrival. Now, any user will be able to tag specific products in their posts influencers verified or not.

We are now giving everyone access to inspire loved ones by allowing product tagging in posts. Whether it’s supporting the brands you love or helping friends and family discover new products they might like, sharing products on Instagram just got easier.


Yes for now functionality is limited to US residents only. However, it is very likely that over the weeks it will be available in other countries around the world. Starting today, users will be able to tag available products in Instagram Shopping (the addition that replaced the everlasting spot of the notifications section).

Additionally, the owners will receive notifications whenever a user tags their products in posts. Of course, they will have the freedom to review all images tagged with the brand name with a single button on their profile, and they can control them from their settings.

How to Tag a Product in Instagram? 

On another side, Instagram left us a little tutorial on your website. With this procedure, you will be able to tag the products you want to mention in your photos, even if you clearly will not receive any remuneration for this.

  1. Create a new post on your Instagram account.
  2. Now go to the section tag people.
  3. Use the search engine to enter the brand name and tap it when it appears.
  4. Once done, you should see two options at the bottom: People Yes products.
  5. Press on products.
  6. Tap the place in the image where you want to label the mark. For example, on the product itself. You can also choose the exact model and color that appears in your photo.
  7. Once everything is ready, just press Share to post your image with the brand tag.

Of course, if you are not a resident of the United States this option should not be available to you.

Today, we’re extending the ability to add product tags to your home posts to everyone in the United States. Designers and brands shared how they wear and style their favorite products on Instagram and inspire their communities.


While Instagram doesn’t offer a financial incentive to tag products, it claims it’s a great way to “inspire” and connect with an audience of followers. However, most creators do this under contract with certain products, so it’s not very clear what you want to achieve for the company with this new function.

However, this function could be exploited economically. when instagram finally launches its affiliate program. With it, creators will be able to get a portion of product sales earned through a shared link. Chances are the app will also take a percentage of the transaction.