How to Show Apple Watch Screen on iPhone

How to Show Apple Watch Screen on iPhone? Apple has always championed a wireless future. It is the Cupertino company that pushes the popularity of wireless charging and synchronizes all its devices using Wi-Fi and the cellular network.

At some point, the prefix AppleTV has become one of the first devices with which you can Cast an iPhone, iPad or Mac screen to a TV. Then the technology was still a bit raw, there were frequent disconnections, but over time everything stabilized.

How to Show Apple Watch Screen on iPhone?

The image on the iPhone screen will be larger than on the Apple Watch screen.

And as technology continues to evolve Live reading as well as the updated iOS16 and watchOS 9 Apple launched the opportunity to show the apple watch screen on iPhone.

The most interesting thing is that the functionality is not limited to displaying an image. Let’s see how innovation works and see why it might be necessary.

AirPlay on Apple Watch

Thanks to the magnified image, it will become more convenient to interact with the watch.

Apple has been developing wireless interaction between them for more than one generation of its devices. And over the past two years, technology Live reading experienced significant development. Last year, with the release of iOS 15 and macOS Monterey, the opportunity to display an image on a Mac computer screen from an iPhone or iPad.

We talked about it in a separate article. In the same year, Cupertino went even further. Now it’s possible to display an image on the iPhone from the Apple Watch. And not just displaying an image, but interacting with the watch via the smartphone screen.

This feature is originally declared as part of universal access. Not all users will be able to find it there, so I guess it clearly wasn’t designed for everyday use, since it’s hidden so deep. Unfortunately, not all watch models support the new feature. Here is a list of Apple Watch that can display images on iPhone:

  • Apple Watch Series 6.
  • Apple Watch Series 7.

The other models have passed. In this regard, many people have a question. Why might you need to show the clock screen on your smartphone? In fact, it has an app. For example, if you are teaching someone to use an apple watch, then it is much more convenient to do it with the iPhone.

After all, any actions you view on the iPhone will be performed on the watch. Thanks to this innovation, it is finally possible to record the apple watch screen to demonstrate certain applications or functions.

Often a screenshot doesn’t convey everything you want to show, but there will be an entire video. In general, there are more interaction options between iPhone and Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Mirroring

All buttons of the Apple Watch virtual model are clickable. To use the new feature, you must meet several conditions:

Please note that iOS 16 and watchOS 9 are currently in beta only. These operating system versions are not stable and may cause device performance issues. If iOS 16 can be relatively painless to revert to iOS 15, then with watchOS 9 such a feint will not work. This is why we do not recommend installing beta versions on major devices. If you decide to install it, remember to create backups.

To turn on Apple Watch Screen Mirroring on iPhone proceed as follows:

  • Make sure your Apple Watch on watchOS 9 is paired with your iPhone on iOS 16.
  • On iPhone, open Settings.
  • Go to the “Universal access” section.
  • Go to “Apple Watch Mirroring” and turn on the switch.

After that, an image of a clock will appear at the bottom, on which a screen will appear after a few seconds. Please note that the wheel digital crown and the power button on the iPhone screen are also clickable and perform their direct functions. The good news is that Apple continues to develop AirPlay 2 between its devices.

Hopefully, over time there will be even more new opportunities. Personally, I would like to see the possibility of Screen output from iPhone to iPad.