How to Setup Gmail in Outlook for Mac?

How to setup Gmail in outlook for mac? Learn how to migrate your emails from one account to another with the Mac Mail app.

On many occasions, we may find ourselves in the situation of wanting to migrate our emails from one account to another. And this is something that may not be easy because not all email management apps allow the export and import of your inbox.

Fortunately, The macOS Mail app lets us move our mail between accounts in a very simple way. Let’s see how you can do it in minutes.

How to Setup Gmail in Outlook for Mac and vice versa?

A very easy way to migrate and move your emails between different accounts is using the macOS Mail app. Since this application is included in the system, it is relatively easy to move your emails from Gmail to Outlook or other accounts and vice versa.

1. Set up accounts

The first thing you should do is set up your email accounts in the Mail app on your Mac. In other words, we will need to have at least two email accounts configured.

On the one hand, the account in which the emails we want to move are (in our example Gmail) and on the other hand, the account to which we want to migrate them (Outlook).

To set up a new email account in the Mail app on Mac, follow these steps:

  1. open app E-mail on your Mac.
  2. Click on the top E-mail and in Add an account.
  3. Select the type of account (Google in our case).
  4. Login with your credentials.
  5. Once you have the accounts in the mail, click again on Mail > Preferences.
  6. Click on accounts and select the configured account.
  7. In Download Attachments, verify that you have by selecting All.

Now you have to repeat the same steps but in step 3, instead of selecting Google, select Microsoft Exchange if you want to migrate emails to Outlook.

Add your email account to Mail

Once your accounts are set up, migrating emails between them is very simple.

2. Migrate emails from Gmail to Outlook, Exchange or Office365 and vice versa

If your goal is to move emails from a Gmail account to an Outlook, Exchange or Office365 account, here are the steps to follow:

  1. open app E-mail.
  2. in the left column select inbox in the Gmail account.
  3. Select all emails (you can press uppercase + cmd + A).
  4. Drag all emails to the mailbox of the Outlook, Exchange or Office365 account.

It’s so simple to import Gmail into Outlook from the Mail app on your Mac. There is no need to export and import your emails, just dragging them from one account to another will start the process. Below you will see a loading bar that will take depending on the size of your inbox.

This function also works to do the reverse process i.e. migrate emails from Outlook to Gmail. And it is also possible to migrate between other email accounts that we have configured on the Mac.

For example, we can migrate from Gmail to iCloud or vice versa. Apple’s Mail app will take care of migrating mail between different accounts.