How to set up a screen lock on iPhone

How to set up a screen lock on iPhone? I think many have had their iPhone screens go dark at the most inopportune moment. Well, for example, did you watch the video or try to listen to VK music for free when all of a sudden the iPhone suddenly locked up.

There is another situation when you need to lock the device, but the power button refuses to work. In most cases, the problem is solved in a jiffy, but sometimes difficulties arise, and we’ll talk about them.

How to set up a screen lock on iPhone?

To set screen lock time on iPhone you need:

  • Go to Settings on your smartphone.
  • Next, go to the Screen and Brightness, Auto-lock section.
  • Here you can set auto-lock in the range of “30 seconds” to “Never”.

You can configure auto-lock in the Screen & Brightness section.

Initially, after purchase, this setting will be 1 minute. Personally, this is extremely small for me, I use the 5 minutes or Never option. This section below indicates that if you look at the screen, it does not dim. Turns out you shouldn’t worry about a sudden shutdown.

Also, in the same Screen & Brightness menu, there is a separate toggle switch Raise to activate. When you pick up your smartphone, the screen turns on automatically. This way you don’t have to press any buttons at all. Take your smartphone, swipe up from the bottom (press Touch ID) and use it.

Lock iPhone Screen When Watching Video

The most unpleasant situation occurs with video. Imagine, you put your smartphone on a stand, turn on your favorite YouTube video, and lean back in your chair when suddenly the iPhone screen went blank. Normally this should not happen, so I propose to figure out and solve this problem once and for all.

Locking the screen suddenly while watching a video is very annoying.

First, you need to decide Does the screen lock when watching a video? in other applications. It is possible that the error lies in the program itself. If it only happens in one app, it’s best to delete the app completely and download it again from the App Store.

If the error occurs in all applications, check if you have installed iOS Beta. In this case, the problem can only be solved by reverting to a stable firmware version.

Also, check if power saving mode is enabled by going to Settings, Battery. It cannot directly affect auto-blocking when watching videos.

If that doesn’t help, I recommend you do a factory reset iPhone. We have explained how to do this in a separate article. Don’t forget to have a backup of your device.

Screen lock on call

Another big problem is the screen locking when talking. I think everyone knows that when you put your iPhone to your ear during a call, the screen goes blank. However, sometimes there are issues with this feature. This is true when you call the bank or other services and the voice tells you to press a key, but you just can’t. Or, on the contrary, put the phone to your ear and accidentally press the keys.

Often, instead of such an image, users see a black screen.

Here are some suggestions for solving this problem:

  • Restart your smartphone.
  • Remove or disable caller ID.
  • Uninstall third-party keyboards if you have them installed.
  • Remove the shell and glass from your smartphone.

I’ve encountered such a problem before with Yandex’s included caller ID. Then I already linked the screen lock when I was talking about downloading this app, but a lot of time passed before that. Be careful.

In addition, two other functions can affect the operation of the screen lock during a conversation – Raise to activate, which we talked about above, is better to deactivate.

How to Lock Your iPhone Screen Without a Button

The iPhone has a very useful feature that allows you to lock the smartphone screen without buttons. need first if the power button is broken, but many use it just for convenience. This feature has been present on the iPhone for a very long time and is called AssistiveTouch.

To set up AssistiveTouch on your iPhoneYou will need:

  • Go to Settings on your smartphone.
  • Then go to Accessibility, Touch.
  • Next, go to AssistiveTouch and enable the toggle switch in front of this item.

AssistiveTouch is an extremely useful feature on Apple devices.

In this section, you can also configure this function easily by yourself. Set specific actions for different buttons, add custom gestures and more. Try it if necessary.

Faced with such problems? How did you solve the problem? Give your opinion in our Telegram chat or in the comments below, it will be interesting to read.