How to See Who has Saved Your Instagram Post?

This article explains how to see who has saved your Instagram post and how many times it has been saved.

How to See Who has Saved Your Instagram Post?

  • The only one way way to see specifically who has saved your post is to ask your followers in a history of Instagram.
  • To see how many people have saved it, go to Settings > Account > Switch to account Company or Change to creator account > See reviews.

Ask your followers if they have saved your Instagram posts

This simple process is the only way to see who has saved your posts.

  1. Playing publication about the one you want ask your followers.
  2. Take a screenshot of the Instagram post page via the built-in screenshot methods. iOS or Android.
  3. Touch the Home icon to return to your main Instagram feed.
  4. Touch the icon stories (which looks like a camera) in the upper left corner to start a new Instagram Story.
  5. Swipe up to find the screenshot of your Instagram post.
  6. Tap the screenshot image to add it to your Story.
  7. Touch the icon Text to add a message to your followersin this case, something like “Who saved this publication? »

    If you really want to engage with your followers, try asking a question with a sticker of Instagram questions

  8. touch Done when you’re done.

    make the text be smaller by pinching the screen; drag two fingers to enlarge it.

  9. touch your stories to publish the story to your followers. They will be able to respond via direct message.

See how many times your post has been saved

If you have a personal account, you must first change it to a free business or creator account by selecting Settings > Account, and then choosing Switch to business account or Change on creator account. Follow the prompts to complete the process. Later:

  1. Touch the icon Profile to see your posts. It looks like a silhouette.
  2. Playing publication you want to see the save count for.
  3. Tap View info below the image or the video. Various statistics will appear. The bookmark icon refers to how many times someone has saved this publication in one of its Collections.

Watch whose save your posts on Instagram may be more important than making a follow-up of the number of “I like itbecause saving a post to an Instagram collection means someone not only likes your content, but wants to share it or come back to it.

However, if you don’t ask your followers, there is no way to see exactly who saved your Instagram posts or to which collections. The reason for this limitation is probably privacy.