How to Take a High Resolution Photo with iPhone?

How to Take a High Resolution Photo with iPhone? From the Photos app, you can see the resolution of any photo you have saved on your iPhone or iPad.

When you take or save a photo on your iPhone or iPad, various details are reflected on this subject. For example, the camera with which the capture in question is made, or the resolution and megapixels with which it was originally taken, are always saved.

Indeed, while with the latest versions of iOS or iPadOS it is possible to change the location and date of a photo on the iPhone, resolution cannot be changed unless changed the image in question.

Taking this into account, and the fact that on some occasions websites, applications and some services limit this, we are going to show you how to see photo resolution from iphone or ipad easily. This option is available by default on iOS and iPadOS, so you won’t need to install anything on your phone to view the information.

So you can see the resolution of an image from Photos in iOS or iPadOS

Knowing the resolution of a photo taken from an iPhone or iPad can be very useful in certain circumstances

As we mentioned, know the resolution of the image it is important given the limitations of some services. In itself, the resolution is the photo size in pixels, the digital unit of measurement par excellence. Generally speaking, the higher the resolution of a photo, the larger its size, and although does not always imply better quality digital can become linked.

Taking this detail into account, depending on the occasion Check the resolution of an image on iPhone or iPad This can be interesting, especially in cases where you want to use it for a third-party service that does not allow you to upload photos with a higher resolution than specified, for example. It can also be a interesting fact to compare between images or similar. Accessing this information is simple and all you have to do is Follow these steps:

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Photo apps.
  2. Once inside, in the list of images, select picture for which you want more information.
  3. When displayed on the screen, swipe up. Alternatively, you can click the i icon of Information to access the details section.
  4. Among the details of the camera used, the resolution will appearboth in megapixels and in actual final photo size.

By going to the information panel, you can see the resolution of any photo on your iPhone or iPad

At the bottom you will see all details and information EXIF of the photo in question, whether or not it was taken with an iPhone or iPad. The most interesting thing in this case will be its resolution, which will appear next to the number of megapixels in the camera section. Specific, the resolutions of the photos always follow the diagram of width x height being in this case the two measurements in pixels.How to Remove Motion from iPhone Photos?

In detail, although viewing this information is very simple from the Photos app, it is not possible to consult so many details from the Files applications or the Safari browser for example. For this same reason, if the photo was not saved on the iPhone or iPad and you want to know all the details (including its resolution), it is convenient add it to the Photos app. To do this, no matter which iOS or iPadOS app you’re in, just hold it for a while and then select “Add to Photos” option from the pop-up menu. Once done, you can follow the steps mentioned above to check its resolution and the details you need.