How to Remove Motion Blur From Photo?

how to remove motion blur from photo? Save iPhone space by deleting Live Photos before creating images that don’t need this feature!

Thanks to the functionality of iOS Live Photos we can enjoy a few seconds of movement and sound in our images, before capturing the final result.

And while it’s a feature we can creatively leverage, it’s also one that takes up more storage than a traditional photo. This disadvantage would be one of the main reasons for deleting photos’ movement from the iPhone. And maybe, the same reason why the space on your iPhone seems insufficient.

How to Remove Motion Blur From Photo on iPhone?

Given that Live Photos is a default feature on new iPhones, some users may believe that it cannot be disabled. However, Apple offers an alternative that requires only a few changes in the configuration of our device as we will see shortly.

Disabling iPhone Photo Motion makes a significant difference in the storage required. On an iPhone 13, a photo with Live Photos takes up about 13 megabytes. In this sum, 5 megabytes correspond to the still image and an additional 8 megabytes to the video file. So disabling the feature would save about 8 megabytes per file.

When deleting motion photos from iPhone you can choose between doing it before a particular photo or series of photos or deactivating it permanently.

To temporarily disable Live Photos on iPhone, we need to follow these steps:

  • Go to app Camera.
  • Make sure we’re in the Photo Mode (not in “Video” or “Portrait”, for example).
  • Look for the Live Photos button in the toolbar. This will disable Live Photos for the next session. Disabling it should display the message “Live” and a slash on the Live Photos icon.

Live Photos generates a video a few seconds before creating the final image

With this change, the next time you launch the Camera app again, the Live Photo function will reactivate automatically.

To assure permanently disable live photos we have to follow the following steps:

iPhone Photo Motion Can Be Deleted Temporarily or Permanently

  • Go to menu Setting.
  • search option Camera > Keep settings. Scroll down and toggle the switch next to “Live Photo” to the on position.

Disabling Live Photos saves a lot of space on iPhone

This change will retain Live Photos settings in the Camera app, between sessions, for an unlimited time. And if you want to turn it back on, just tap the Live Photos icon on the camera toolbar.

Disable Live Photos we will notice that there is more room for photos available on the iPhone and we will save all the extra cost of expanding storage space in iCloud.