How to Reduce Google Chrome’s Memory Usage

How to Reduce Google Chrome’s Memory Usage? Is Chrome using too much memory? Our tips will limit and reduce Chrome’s memory usage to free up RAM.

The web has changed in recent years. Apps that would only run on desktops now run in the browser, but that comes at a cost. Modern browsers use a lot of RAM and Chrome is one of the worst offenders.

With just a little effort, there are plenty of things you can do to limit Chrome’s memory usage. If your browser seems to be running all the time, this article will help you reduce Chrome’s memory usage and free up RAM.

Find Out How Much RAM Chrome Uses?

There are two ways to find out how much RAM Chrome is using. You can find out about general Chrome usage in Windows Task Manager.

If you want to dig deeper and understand exactly how much RAM each site, extension, or plugin uses, you can opt for Chrome Task Manager. You can find the Chrome Task Manager by clicking on the three dots at the top right of the browser, followed by More tools > Task manager.

Using some extensions and settings, you can also make sure Chrome uses less memory without having to open task manager and delete sites.

How to Reduce Google Chrome’s Memory Usage?

1. Temporarily close tabs

With the Chrome extension Too many tabs, you can choose exactly which tabs to temporarily close. Use the extension to close tabs and reopen them in the same place so you can easily pick up where you left off. This is useful for limiting the amount of RAM Chrome uses, while making it easier to focus with fewer open tabs.

After installing TooManyTabs, click on the extension button to open a list of all your open tabs. To suspend a tab, click on the small yellow arrow next to the tab in question. To restore it, click on the yellow tab in the list of suspended tabs and it will reopen.

If you have two Chrome windows open, each with multiple tabs, clicking the TooManyTabs button will only give you access to the tabs in the window you’re looking at. Alternatively, you can enable native Chrome tab dismissal, which will work on every open window.

2. Pause All Tabs

With The big hanger, you can suspend all tabs except one. Navigate to the tab you want to continue working on, click the Great Suspend button and select Suspend other tabs . Please note that the extension can be a bit temperamental and you may need to click the button twice to suspend all tabs.

The Great Suspender gives you quite extensive control over how tabs are suspended. You can whitelist specific sites, so if you always need to open your inbox in a browser, The Great Suspender is a good option. To reload a suspended tab, click anywhere in the window.

If you want to suspend each tab, OneTab is a better option. The extension minimizes all tabs you have open without exception. Move all tabs to a list. Then you can restore all tabs with one click, restore selective tabs or permanently close all tabs.