How to protect your iPhone from a heat wave

How to protect your iPhone from a heat wave? In hot weather, it is important to protect our devices and here are some tips to ensure that your iPhone survives any heat wave.

Heat is not good for our iPhone and its battery, indeed the recommended temperature of use proposed by Apple puts the maximum recommended within 35 degrees centigrade.

Therefore, in the summer period, especially during the increasingly popular heat waves, we must be very careful and protect our iPhone from extreme heat. And we are going to give you some tips that you can apply to achieve this.

Protecting your iPhone from the heat is a must in summer

What Happens When iPhone Gets Too Hot?

There are some signs iPhone shows when temperature is too higha kind of warning to avoid overheating and that you can act:

  • iPhone screen dims or turns off.
  • Performance slows with apps or features that are augmented reality or require a lot of graphics power.
  • Charging, including wireless charging, slows down or stops completely.
  • Mobile phone antennas enter a low power state, which weakens the signal during this period.
  • The camera flash is temporarily disabled.
  • Eventually, the iPhone will show a screen with a temperature warning message.

You have to pay attention to the temperature of the iPhone

How to Protect Your iPhone from a Heat Wave?

For prevent your iPhone from getting too hot in summer or during a heat wave, here are some tips to follow. There are many reasons why iPhone temperature may rise, most of them are related to the usage of the device.

Avoid leaving your iPhone in the sun

The sun is your iPhone’s biggest enemy in these situations, so at all times avoid the sun’s rays directly reaching your device. Put the iPhone in the shade, cover it with something, and avoid direct sunlight. In addition, it prevents the screen from being directly exposed to the sun, as it is black it will absorb more heat.

Don’t use demanding apps like GPS, camera, augmented reality, or high-powered games

The device-intensive apps they cause it to generate more heat, which is undesirable during a heat wave.

In this type of applications, we have the GPS navigators, camera (especially when we record a video), the applications of augmented reality and powerful games who need to get the most out of the iPhone’s GPU. It is not recommended to use this type of application during heat waves.

Avoid wireless charging while in use

The wireless charging, due to its operation, generates more heat than charging by cable. This heat is not dangerous at normal temperatures, however if it is too hot I would avoid this type of load. Better to use the cable and a not too powerful charger.

If you notice it getting hot, remove the lid

Several times the cover we have on our device can prevent the heat generated by our iPhone from dissipating Like it should be. Therefore, in case you get too hot, the first step is to remove the iPhone case.

What to do when iPhone gets too hot?

The best thing to do when an iPhone gets too hot is turn it off and move it to a cooler place. You can place it in a cold draft like from an air conditioner or fan, or move it closer to a cooler surface.

And while Apple doesn’t recommend submerging iPhone in water, getting it wet can also be a good solution if there are no other options, as long as your iPhone is waterproof. This will cause a drastic drop in temperature.

When you notice that it is no longer heating, turn the iPhone back on and avoid the situations we have already told you about.