How to Properly Charge Your Mobile Battery?

How to Properly Charge Your Mobile Battery?  Your smartphone has a 15% battery and it warns you with a notification that it’s time to recharge your mobile’s battery, but you wait until after 1% it goes out on its own like “I can’t take it anymore, I’ve died”😵.

Even so, you make it suffer and turn it on again once or twice until you see that it is indeed dead.

Does this situation with life (or should we say death) and your mobile battery sound like you? 😏

Indeed, it is false. Very bad.

Below we give you some very useful (and often unknown) tips for you to learn how to charge your mobile battery correctly. Stop commenting on rookie mistakes! Be smart!

How to Properly Charge Your Mobile Battery?

  • If the battery tells you when it has 15% left, that’s for something: No, it wasn’t to have time to raise awareness or look for the charger, it’s for a very logical reason. Experts recommend charging between 20-80%. Less than 20% is a battery safety margin. When you exhaust it all the way, you make it suffer and it will spoil much faster. Now, what are you going to think twice about?
  • Do not charge the battery to 100%: Yes, that’s the hard part. We all love to see that number being complete, don’t we? Well, that’s the problem, the battery is full and therefore forced. From, normally, 90% begins the trickle charge, the phone starts charging slower and with less power. Limits are not good, just like using the whole battery is not good, nor is it fully charged.

Therefore, the ideal would be to always keep it between 20% and 85-90% battery. Your terminal will thank you. We can see these tips on Samsung’s support page. Just in case you don’t believe me. In fact, Samsung ends up stating that recharge the mobile whenever you want. In other words, you don’t have to wait until it’s completely depleted or charge it until it’s 100%.

And how about charging your mobile battery overnight?

As we mentioned, current smartphones have safety systems that prevent overheating, keeping the battery as healthy as possible. In other words, you can leave your phone charging overnight, but if you can take it out sooner, the better.

However, if you plan to charge it at night, we strongly recommend that you remove the cover, if it has one, so as not to overheat it. As with any device, you must be very careful with the heat high temperatures, sweaty blankets, etc.

Official Charger?

Yes, please.

Samsung and Apple warn you about this. The phone will be very more protected with a charger designed specifically for this battery. And they specify even more if it is also the one that comes in the box of your mobile, better than better.

If you are not one of those who care a lot about your battery, take a look at this selection of cell phones with the best battery. And forget the painful loads!