How to Properly Charge Your Apple Watch? My Apple Watch died after 2 years. Zero battery status

It’s been about two years since I got my last Apple Watch 5. When I bought myself a wearable, of course, I was planning on not updating them for 5 years for sure – the fact that nothing drastically new would only appear in Apple Watch 6 and later was obvious to me. Yes, and it must be admitted, when buying any watch, a simple person is unlikely to consider changing it every year. It’s a lot or a little for you to judge, but during this time the watch has undergone some global changes – that’s for sure. For two years, the gadget passed through fire, water and copper pipes – I did not protect them from the word at all. And the main complaint I have with this device is the battery condition. Apple Watch battery life in general is an issue, but it was interesting to see how it will change over time, and today I’m ready to share my experience with you.

In 2 years, my Apple Watch battery nearly died.

Apple Watch battery status

Starting with watchOS 7, Apple added the ability to check battery status on Apple Watch. To be honest, I’ve never been here and thought I’d use this feature only in case I suddenly wanted to sell watches.

For check battery status on apple watchYou need:

  • Open Settings on your Apple Watch.
  • Scroll down to the Battery section.
  • Navigate to the Battery Status subsection.
  • Scroll down to the Maximum Capacity section.

To check the battery status of your Apple Watch, go to Settings.

This menu displays the maximum capacity of your battery in percentage. 100% new watches are taken. Apple also warns in this menu that if the maximum capacity drops, the watch will need to be charged more often than usual. And here is the most interesting.

In 2 years, my Apple Watch battery health dropped to 83%. The indicator, I think, is quite adequate. I bought a watch almost head-to-head with the iPhone 11, and there the mark is at 82%. Well, literally one by one.

Within 2 years, the maximum battery capacity dropped to 83%.

My iPhone works without any problem all day without recharging, I am completely satisfied with its autonomy. I put the phone on charge at night, take it off in the morning and literally leave until 9-10pm. Zero complaints.

Apple Watch won’t hold a charge

Charging the Apple Watch is completely different. I usually charge my gadget just before bed so that at night the watch can read health indicators – pulse, breathing rate, sleep time. I have already told you more than once why it is important to measure activity on a watch and understand how sensors work – you can see this article.

This is how my Apple Watch spends most of its life.

How to Properly Charge Your Apple Watch

So. After 2 years, my Apple Watch won’t hold a charge even for a day. That is to say, I put the watch on charge around 11 p.m., I take it off after an hour and a half, and at 6 p.m. the next day I receive a notification:

I think such autonomy is not good at all. That is to say that in fact, after 2 years, the watch holds a charge of about 18 hours. I’ve tried disabling Always On, Hand Off, and other “unnecessary” settings, but my watch doesn’t seem to care. In fact, I won’t even unlock them. They just strap onto my wrist and track activity. At the same time, as the notification arrived at 6 p.m., it arrives. Looks like it’s time to send them off to rest.

What is Optimized Charging in Apple Watch?

One of the main features of the Apple Watch and any other Apple mobile device is optimized charging. I didn’t start using it right away, because when I bought the watch, I didn’t even suspect it.

Enable Optimized Charging on Apple Watch can be done as follows:

  • Open Settings on your Apple Watch.
  • Scroll down to the Battery section.
  • Navigate to the Battery Status subsection.
  • Activate the toggle switch in front of the optimized charging element.

You can enable Optimized Charging on your Apple Watch in Settings.

How to properly charge your Apple Watch?

In theory, Optimized charging function on Apple Watch should allow you to recharge your gadget whenever you want. Yes, and think again: you won’t take off your watch in the middle of the workday just to charge it. You can always think about it with the iPhone: you work on a laptop, throw the phone on a wireless tablet and leave it busy with other things. This is not the case with the Apple Watch.

In addition, if you take off the watch during the working day, the whole point of activity rings, measures heart rate, blood oxygen levels, etc. disappears. Only one question remains: Should I sleep on Apple Watch? or better charge your Apple Watch overnight?

It is impossible to give specific recommendations here, as this should not affect the battery condition of the watch. Another thing is sleep monitoring and other chips. For my part, I will say that looking at the sleep statistics on the Apple Watch is very convenient. Every week, on Sunday, I look at my performance and draw conclusions to know if I need to change something in my daily routine. To refuse such an opportunity is to lose a lot.

Apple watch life

According to official data, Apple Watch lifespan – 3 years. Apple writes about this directly on your watch box. If you are interested, you can check for yourself. Flip your watch case over and look at the fine print at the very bottom.

The lifespan of an Apple Watch is indicated on its box.

Here I have no complaints against Apple – everything was written correctly. Now my Apple Watch is 2 years old and more or less alive. Disable heart rate monitoring, Always On, some additional functions and at least a day they will be kept. I think that after a year this parameter will drop to zero and it will be impossible to use them.

Knowing the expiration date of the Apple Watch is also important for those who are going to buy smart watches from Apple with their hands. Be aware that if the watch is more than a year old, then you should not take them. They won’t keep charging and you’re definitely change apple watch battery.

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