How to Play Playstation on iPhone and iPad

How to Play Playstation on iPhone or iPad? More recently, we posted information on our website in which I noted that it was time to shut down the Apple Arcade service due to the lack of normal games and a well-developed online world. But the question is how what to play on iphone and iPad, always remains open.

Fortunately, owners of Sony consoles, starting with PlayStation 4, it has become possible to play the games installed on the console directly from the screen of your smartphone or tablet. At the same time, the game itself is launched on the console, and the image is streamed to the smartphone.

Streaming games from Playstation is a good replacement for Apple Arcade.

Playing with an iPhone, of course, is not very convenient due to the small screen, but the iPad is quite well suited for such tasks. Let’s see how it works streaming games from Playstation to iPhone or iPad and what disadvantages the player may encounter.

How to Connect Dualshock to iPhone

How to Play Playstation on iPhone

The App Store is guaranteed to have games for Dualshock.

Many people have a question: why play console games on the small screen of a tablet or smartphone, if you can comfortably sit in front of the TV and enjoy the process on the big screen. In addition, some players have high-quality televisions in their homes, which, due to their size, allow you to fully immerse yourself in the game.

Here you can remember that not all apartments are equipped with several televisions. Therefore, in order not to occupy the only one, you can switch to an alternative option in the form of an iPad. Or, in extreme cases, an iPhone.

But that’s not the only reason to set up remote play. It is not always possible to take with you on vacation, in addition to the usual gadgets, also a set-top box. Agree, it’s nice to play your favorite games, sunbathe on the lawn of your summer house or sit by the pool somewhere in the resort. It is for such cases, when it is very strange to carry the console with you, and this opportunity was invented.

All remote play settings for a smartphone and a tablet are absolutely identical, therefore, for convenience, we will consider the process on iPad. First you need to connect the controller to the tablet Dualshock 4 Where double meaning, depending on the version of the console you have. Of course, you can do without it altogether, because when connected to the console, on-screen buttons will appear. But in most games it’s not so convenient. That is why we will go in the most correct way.

How to Play Playstation on iPhone?

  • To put the controller into pairing mode, press and hold the PS and Share buttons on the controller.
  • As soon as the light bar flashes, it means that pairing mode is activated.
  • On iPad, open Settings.
  • Go to the Bluetooth section.
  • Under ‘Other devices’, select ‘DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller’.

After these steps, the controller will automatically connect to the iPad and you can use it. In addition, the use is not limited only to the application. PS Remote. You can also play other games optimized for the Dualshock 4 controller.

PS4 Remote Play

How to Play Playstation on iPhone

During the game, a slow reaction to your actions is possible. It depends on the quality of the internet.

To avoid connection problems between the console and the tablet, make sure that the decoder is updated with the latest firmware and that remote play is enabled on it. To activate it, you need:

  • Open Settings on Playstation.
  • Go to the “Remote Play Settings” section.
  • Check the “Enable Remote Play” box.

The next step is to configure the tablet. This will require:

After all these steps, you can start playing your favorite games right away. Please note that any game streaming consumes a lot of traffic, and it is desirable connect to a Wi-Fi network. The coolest thing is that remote play doesn’t require the devices to be on the same network. That’s why you can play safely from different parts of the world. The main thing is that the quality of the connection is at a good level and allows you to enjoy the process without any problems.

If the resolution was at least 1080p, there would be more people wanting to try this way of playing.

Unfortunately, this method is not without drawbacks. The maximum image resolution you get on your device is 720p. In 2023, this looks like a pure mockery, but, apparently, this is a deliberate restriction on the part of the manufacturer so as not to overload its own servers with those who want to play.

This point should be taken into account, since the image will not be as juicy and high-quality as on the TV screen when the console is directly connected.

If you decide to play this way, keep these factors in mind and be prepared for a very different experience from a normal console game.