How to Make iPhone Sound Louder?

How to Make iPhone Sound Louder? Apple smartphones have fairly balanced specs: by default, everything in the iPhone is configured almost perfectly, so neither the look nor the sound settings need to be touched in most cases.

Despite this, users often look for ways to change the settings in some way, for example, make iphone stronger: This is either due to the silence of the speakers due to the long life of the iPhone, or because the adjusted volume is no longer sufficient to listen to music without a speaker. There are ways increase iphone volume independently, but we warn you right away – this can cause the speakers to fail.

The iPhone can be made stronger. Here are some useful tips

iPhone audio settings

If you are not satisfied music volume in Apple Musicyou can try to change it without additional apps: a special setting is already in the iPhone itself.

Change iPhone equalizer – should help

  • Go to settings
  • Select “Music” and click on “Equalizer”.
  • Select the Late Night preset and disable volume correction.

This is the loudest mode on the iPhone. Thanks to him, all frequencies “come out to the maximum”, so the music, at first glance, seems louder. You can check the volume when changing presets while music is already playing. True, if your iPhone is connected to a speaker, you will hear distortion and wheezing at high volume – when listening through the phone’s speakers, they are invisible.

If you listen to music on your iPhone through headphones, you can also increase the volume. But doing this is not safe for your own hearing. However, here is what you need to disable.

Limiting headphone volume is one of the reasons your AirPods are getting quieter

  • Go to Settings, select “Sounds and Haptics”
  • Click on “Earphone Security”
  • Disable “Loud sound is quieter” and “Headphone notification”.

So the iPhone will not scan headphone sound level and notify you when the volume is exceeded, and the sound will be at a high level.

How to Make iPhone Sound Louder?

In the App Store you can find apps for every taste. The App Store even has utilities that allow you to customize equalizer to improve sound quality. Unlike Apple Music settings, this app’s options apply to all apps at once, it lets you change the volume level of the phone or tablet itself, and it also has special sound profiles for wireless headphones.

Volume can also be changed in the Boom app

In the Boom app, you can add 3D sound to any headphones for a separate streaming service: when first launched, the app will ask you to select it, after which Boom can be used as a standard player. It also supports driver mode – in it, the control buttons will become large and will not distract attention from the road. The application is paid, but it works without payment.

Download Boom

How to Enable Music on Multiple iPhones

You can also try the AmpMe app, which works similar to Boom, but has one distinctive feature: it can connect multiple smartphones to a stereo system at once. So, in the countryside, if you forgot the column, you can easily make music louder on iphone. The app works like a party mode on Huawei, where one smartphone acts as a sound source, while the others act as additional speakers.

AmpMe can not only control the volume, but also create a stereo system from multiple iPhones at once

The beauty of the app is that it lets you find other users’ groups nearby via Bluetooth and join them, as well as search using other social networks, which is handy. AmpMe also has its own collection of mixes if you don’t know what to listen to. There is a three-day trial mode, after which unlimited synchronization will cost up to 649 rubles per week. Okay, not so much as opposed to buying a new column?

Download AmpMe

Increase iPhone Speaker Volume

Many users think that broken iphone speakerwhen the smartphone becomes quieter, but it does not. In most cases the reason is that they are clogged: this can be seen by the terrible noise when it seems that iPhone speaker as if covered with a finger. Unfortunately, due to the design of the speaker grilles, they clog very quickly and the dust inside hardens. Even the covers do not save, because they also have perforations at the bottom and do not prevent dirt from entering. Output – clean iphone speakers alone as often as possible. But this must be done carefully.

Try manually cleaning your iPhone speaker

  • Remove the case from your iPhone.
  • Arm yourself with a needle, or better, a toothpick. It is less sharp and the risk of piercing the grid is low.
  • Gently run a tool along the edges of the speaker and brush the dust outwards. It is best to do this near a window or under a bright lamp.
  • If you notice that there is still dust left, repeat the action. You can gently run a toothpick or needle along the grid itself, but don’t puncture it. This is a very dangerous maneuver.
  • For a final cleaning of the speaker, use a toothbrush or a small stiff bristle brush, usually found with an electric razor.
  • Clean each iPhone speaker cutout like this.

Try playing music at full volume. The smartphone will obviously become louder, and the sound will be clearer, the distortion will disappear.