How to Make iPhone Charge Faster: 4 Best Tips

No matter how Apple increases the battery capacity and does not try to systematically extend the autonomy of the smartphone, active users still lack it. Even dropping the iPhone 13 Pro Max doesn’t cost much. In addition, battery wear plays an important role, which increases if charging rules are neglected.

That’s why many users want to somehow speed up the process of charging a smartphone: unfortunately it won’t work to make it really fast like on Xiaomi, but it’s clearly worth a try, all the more that there are ways overclock iphone charging. I did – you can try it too!

How to Make iPhone Charge Faster?

How to Make iPhone Charge Faster

Wireless Charging Slowly Charges the iPhone

If you are in a hurry, but need to charge your iPhone very quickly, do not use wireless charging under any circumstances. Qi technology isn’t perfect: a smartphone can be charged for about two hours, while wired charging takes noticeably less time. Or maybe not charging at all! Several times I paid attention to the fact that the iPhone, left overnight, tried to charge in the morning, but something went wrong: the indicator was about 70%, while he was originally 25

MagSafe lets you charge your iPhone faster than any other wireless charger

In addition, the phone is constantly hot – due to the fact that it and the charging station are in contact, the air circulation is disturbed, so that the heat does not escape. In this case, MagSafe charging helps a lot, but it is also limited to only 15 watts. Additionally, wireless charging accelerates wear and tear from high heat, so the best way not to kill the iPhone battery is to use wireless charging as little as possible and at least remove the case. More on that below.

Should I remove the case while charging my iPhone?

The thicker the case, the slower the iPhone charges due to overheating

Be sure to remove the cover when iPhone charging. For a perfect charge you need prevent iphone from heating up, but the lid prevents it. True, we are not talking about all the accessories: for example, thin plastic pads do not cause overheating, since they do not fit snugly to the body. But silicone cases, on the contrary, can heat up your iPhone.

By the way, narrow cases can also lead to slow wireless charging or lack thereof: aluminum inserts or the thickness of the accessory are to blame, while the wireless charging range is only 4 cm – in this case, literally every millimeter counts.

Why do I need power saving mode on iPhone

Many ignore save battery on iphone and believe that the smartphone is discharged from it only faster. Fortunately, this function works differently – you can find the full explanation here. By the way, she also helps and helps charge iphone faster: Due to decrease in CPU speed, network activity, some functions (like iCloud) are limited and auto-lock time is reduced to 30 seconds. After 80% charge, power saving mode turns off. Don’t expect a significant increase in charging speed – you can save 16-20 minutes if you don’t use your phone extra, although it helps sometimes.

Airplane mode helps you charge your iPhone faster. Checked by myself

Cellular communication greatly affects battery life. It is not without reason that it is recommended to activate airplane mode when traveling when there is no network, or at night: in this way, the iPhone in the background will disconnect the connection network or won’t look for it.

This mode will be even more useful than battery saving, if only for the reason that airplane mode will not turn off at 80%. And if, in addition, leave your iPhone alone and use fast charging adapterthe phone will charge very quickly. According to personal observations, from zero to 100%, the iPhone SE charges 25-27 minutes faster.

Which adapter to charge the iPhone?

The adapter for fast charging is really better than the usual 5W. But within reason

We think Apple was right to remove the older 5W unit from the kit, as sometimes it just charged the iPhone in the opposite direction! You’re better off paying a few thousand more for 20W fast charging, and if need to fast charge iphone, it is better to disable optimized charging in the settings. In any case, in both cases, it is better not to touch the smartphone while charging (and follow the recommendations above). True, the charging power does not always help – it all depends on the profiles. The thing is, no iPhone will definitely charge fast if you use an adapter from a MacBook. We wrote more about this in our article – be sure to read it!

And a little personal advice: the iPhone does not charge quickly from a laptop. No matter how much I try to connect it to a PC, charging for 10 minutes stops or increases by 1%. So it’s obvious worst way to charge iphone.