How to Listen to WhatsApp Audios on iPhone Without Them Noticing

How to Listen to WhatsApp Audios on iPhone Without Them Noticing? Listen to your messages in “Invisible Mode”!

Listen to WhatsApp audios on iPhone without the other person knowing That’s all we wanted to happen in this app. And while it’s already been confirmed that the company is working on offering more privacy options, until that happens, we show you some options so you know what they told you without leaving a trace.

Although there is the possibility of marking or not the confirmation of the reading or the reading of audio in the individual chats this option does not work in group chats. There are several options to fix this. they do not require the download of any additional application.

How to Listen to WhatsApp Audios on iPhone Without Them Noticing in Group Chats?

Send it to your own cat

If you haven’t, it’s time to create a conversation with yourself. To do this, you just need to save your own number and search for yourself in the contact list. Once you receive the audio, all you have to do is forward it to a contact and play it in that chat without fear of being discovered.

In the future, this same chat can be used to save photos, other audio files or links of interest if desired.

Save file

Similar to the previous option, this one involves sending the audio to another application to play it without the recipient noticing. Among the options to accomplish the task, we can choose to send it to us by mail or other apps like Telegram.

Save it to drive is also another option to have it and play it from your mobile or your computer.

Play them outside the chat

Starting with WhatsApp version 22.4.75, users can play audio files when exiting WhatsApp.

This option does not guarantee that the sender will not know that we have received the voice note. But it is an alternative available recently that allows us to listen to the audio that we could have sent to our own cat while we carry out other activities on our iPhone.

Forget Airplane Mode

If you are thinking of opting for this alternative, know that it is a momentary tool. Good As soon as the Airplane Mode is deactivated, the double blue tick denounces us and immediately reaches the sender.

Whatever your reason for wanting to listen to WhatsApp audio, without the sender knowing whether or not they actually heard your voicemail, you have all these options to try.