How to know who unfollowed you on Instagram?

It is very easy to discover who unfollowed you on Instagram, as well as the users who have blocked you. We will tell you how to do it.

Have you ever wondered who unfollowed you on Instagram? Sometimes you can remember the number of followers you had before the dark unfollows, and you do not know the loss of followers. However, an app will help you discover who those unfollows came from.

How to Know who Unfollowed you on Instagram?

Although you can find out if someone unfollowed you by entering your contacts’ profile and discovering that some of them do not follow you back, it can be very time consuming and tedious to go looking one by one. In addition, you could also have lost followers of people that you did not follow from the beginning.

That is why to find out in a matter of seconds, they have created an application compatible with iOS and Android devices called Reports +. It will be very easy to discover who unfollowed you on Instagram.

All you have to do is download the app from the App Store for iOS devices that you will find as Reports + for Instagram or Google Play for Android devices, where the app has the name Reports + Followers Analysis on Instagram.

Once you have it downloaded to your mobile device, you will have to enter your Instagram password and your username so that the app begins the analysis of your followers from that moment on. All unfollow before installing the app will not be revealed in the app.

To discover who unfollowed you on Instagram with Reports +, you have to select ‘Lost Followers’, an option you will find on the app’s home page and display the list of people who unfollowed you. Among them, you will find the users who cancelled their accounts with the signal ‘Account deleted’.

Other things you can discover about your Instagram account with Reports +

In addition to discovering who unfollowed you on Instagram, it also allows you to know the users who do not follow you back, as well as the followers that you do not follow.

On the other hand, with the Premium or Gold version, you can also discover who has blocked you, the users who see your Instagram stories for the first time or even the people who view your profile the most. Do you know of other apps that give you similar Instagram metrics?