How to know the IMEI of My Mobile?

How to know the IMEI of My Mobile? It is possible that you have never stopped knowing the IMEI of your smartphone, but believe it or not, this code is very important. Knowing the IMEI of your mobile can help you in the event of theft or repair, for example. Let’s take a closer look! 👇

What is the IMEI?

The IMEI number is made up of 15 digits and is the one that uniquely identifies your mobile. You will never be able to find a phone that has the same code as another. This identifier is used so that you can block the mobile in case of theft and it cannot be used, or to release it, or simply when you need to bring it to the technical service.

How to look at the IMEI

All mobiles have their own IMEI, regardless of brand or company. Therefore, everyone has the same way of seeing things. Below we show you the different ways that exist to find out the IMEI of your smartphone.

The first and easiest way, it is by putting the code *#06# on the telephone transmitter. Sometimes it is not even necessary to press the call button, the code just appears on the screen.

Other ways to know the IMEI of your mobile

If for some reason the previous solution does not work for you, there are other ways to know the IMEI of your smartphone which are also very simple:

  • In the Settings phone should appear.
    • If it’s an iPhone: Settings > General > Information >IMEI
    • If it’s Android: Settings > Phone Info > Status > IMEI
  • In the box of origin of the mobile there is always this code.
  • under the casing or even under the battery it is usually written.
  • There is also another way to find this identifier remotely on both iOS and Android:
    • You can find iPhone IMEI by going to, logging in, going to Settings and finally in the section My devices.
    • The Android IMEI, you can try to find it in the google control page, login and display the login screen android

This last option is ideal in case your phone is stolenThat is. In this way, you can go to your operator to block the number and no one will be able to use your Smartphone.