How to keep your MacBook cool even in the heat

Summer is approaching by leaps and bounds, which means that very soon we will have a strong heat wave: during one of the summer months, you and your MacBook will still have to deal with it. While it’s easy enough for a person to escape the heat, high-precision technology requires special attention: Apple specifies that the ambient operating temperature should not exceed 50 degrees Celsius for Mac computers. This means that you cannot use your laptop in the heat, and if there is no other way out, then you have to look for a way to cool it down.

We tell How to keep your MacBook cool even in the heat

We tell How to keep your MacBook cool even in the heat

What to do if the Macbook gets hot due to heat?

How to properly use your Macbook

We tell How to keep your MacBook cool even in the heat

It’s really not worth it, otherwise, the laptop will heat up and go crazy

Keeping any laptop on your lap, or placing it on a bed or a fabric surface is a big mistake for any user, even the most experienced. Soft fabrics and objects don’t provide the necessary airflow and can even block it on Apple laptops. Even if your MacBook is on the sofa or a bed, try to put a book or a magazine under it, and it is better to install it on a wooden, glass or metal surface.

At least try lifting MacBook back in order to provide the necessary air circulation: for this, it is enough to substitute something solid under it. It’s not as effective as a laptop stand but helps cool the MacBook.

Support for Macbooks

We live in an age of high-tech gadgets and exactly the same accessories, so you can safely choose an adjustable stand for your MacBook. I chose an aluminum laptop from Baseus for my computer: on the one hand, it is ideal for any laptop from 13 to 17 inches, and on the other hand, it is compact – you can even take it on a trip. Thanks to its shape, the stand helps to cool the laptop better.

We tell How to keep your MacBook cool even in the heat

This compact accessory is very useful and eliminates many overheating problems

It does not take up much space (thickness – only 0.3 mm). A big plus of this gadget is the assembly material: aluminum does not scratch, deform or heat up, which is why at high temperatures it does not stink like the same plastic. You can set the optimal tilt angle and provide the desired level of system cooling.

What to do if your MacBook is overheating

MacBook in the heat is better not to keep and put away

Otherwise, how to save a laptop from the heat? Here are some tricks that definitely won’t make the device worse.

  • If you don’t have a book or magazine handy, then try placing the laptop on the edge of the table: yes, it’s a little dangerous, but it will increase the airflow from which it comes MacBook heat.
  • If there is an ordinary fan nearby, you can use it. It seems a bit silly, but you have to save yourself somehow: last summer, in the heat of Moscow, you just had to lead fan airflow to the laptop to dissipate heat. Certainly better than nothing at all.
  • Stay out of the sun. Sitting in the scorching sun is definitely not worth it, not only in the open air but also at home on the balcony. If possible, it is better to hide in the farthest corner of the window. By the way, sitting in the sun is not worth it even on moderately hot days, otherwise, it will overload the fans.

The advice may not be professional, but what do you do when your laptop turns into a hot cake? Save yourself with improvised means!

How to keep your MacBook cool even in the heat? Few other tips

Many recommend setting it to maximum MacBook fan speed. The fans will start working faster, which will really allow the gadget to cool more efficiently. Admittedly, Apple does not support this idea: it can lead to hardware problems and system overload, so you should not repeat the trick.

How to keep your MacBook cool even in the heat

Perhaps the best solution is to simply put the laptop in a bag.

No matter what, the best how to cool MacBook is just to let it sit until the case temperature returns to normal, or until you get out of the sun. High temperatures are one of the most detrimental factors affecting the operation of any device. So if the MacBook is forced to cool down by improvised means, such as putting something cold under it (like an ice-cold water bottle or an ice pack), it will negatively affect the battery. As you remember, sudden temperature changes are also bad for batteries, so by trying to fix one problem, you’re just fixing another.

It should also be noted that some MacBook models cool faster than others: it all depends on the equipment, as well as the design of the fan. Smart users won’t lie: for example, the 2018 MacBook Air overheats even at moderate temperatures in hot weather, and the 2015 MacBook Pro is more resistant to heat and overheating.