How to Install Windows on Mac with M1 Chip?

How to install windows on mac with m1 chip? Often users switch from Windows to Mac, cannot refuse any software. Someone out of habit, and someone because of the lack of worthy analogues. In such a situation, the solution is to install a second operating system on the Mac.

While computers and Apple Laptops was released on x86 architecture, there was no problem with that. With integrated Boot Camp Utilities it might be install Windows as a second complete operating system.

The most popular Windows installer for Mac is Parallels Desktop.

With the release of computers on their own M1 processors and now M2 utilities training camp no more, and the only way left is to create a virtual machine. Recently, VMware announced a new vmware fusion versionthat lets you create on a Mac with an Apple processor Windows virtual machine. Let’s see what the installation requirements are VMware Fusion and why at all install windows on mac.

VMware Fusion for M1

When computer users macOS operating system talking about installing Windows on their devices, you can see how the head starts smoking with anger. True fans believe that it is impossible to desecrate the sacred in this way and use a hostile operating system. Those who are more rational can see the good in both systems.

With the output Mac on M1 processors, and now M2, users who prefer to have both operating systems on their devices had a very serious problem. With absence training camp until recently, the only way to install Windows on a Mac was to use the program Parallel office.

And for those who don’t like this app for whatever reason, there is an alternative. VMware has announced that the latest update VMware Fusion supports Windows 11 as on Macs with Intel processors, and on Apple Silicon. As of today, Fusion 2H22 is only available as a free beta and lets you use Windows through virtualization.

For those who don’t know, I will briefly explain what virtualization looks like. The operating system runs in a separate macOS window like a normal application, such as Pages. Basically, VMware Fusion just emulates a computer and launches the operating system.

How to Install Windows on Mac with M1 Chip?

VMware Fusion supports the following features:

  • Installing Windows 11 on Mac with Intel and Apple Silicon.
  • Improved Linux support on M1.
  • Hardware accelerated 3D graphics and OpenGL 4.3 on Linux.
  • Fast encryption.

Although new features have been developed under Windows 11, the company reports that you can try using other versions of the operating system, but VMware does not guarantee performance with these. VMware Fusion also has a number of limitations:

  • Running non-ARM virtual machines is not supported.
  • You cannot create virtual machines with macOS.
  • Ubuntu 20.04.4 and 22.04 for ARM do not currently boot.

VMware looks forward to extensive testing of this version of its software to refine it. If for some reason you don’t like Parallel officethen you can wait for VMware Fusion, but the timing of its release as an official version is currently unknown.

How to Install Windows on Mac?

For Windows installations using VMware Fusion on your Mac, you need to do the following:

For some unknown reason, the VMware website cannot be opened from mobile devices.

  • Download a universal installer file for VMware Fusion Technology Preview 22H2 from the official VMware website, which is suitable for Apple and Intel processors.
  • Download the Windows ARM version installer file to your computer. Access to the Microsoft site from Russia is restricted, so use a VPN.
  • Install VMware Fusion to your computer.
  • After installation, launch the program, click on the “+” and select “New”.
  • In the window that appears, select “Install from disc or image”.
  • Drag the downloaded Windows image into the window that appears.
  • Set a password to enter the system and select the level of integration of the two operating systems that suits you.
  • Click “Finish” and wait for the Windows installation to complete.

After these simple steps, the system will be ready to work and you can install the software you need on it. Note that VMware Fusion supports two levels of system integration:

  • More transparent – when folders and files from one system are visible in another.
  • More isolated – when both systems exist in their separate spaces and files from one are not visible in the other.

Choose the option that suits you best. I when using Parallels used the “More transparent” option. In this case, it is very convenient to download something on macOS, then start Windows and open the desired file there.

Parallels Desktop for Mac M1

Personal experience with Parallels Desktop clearly shows that the program is worth the money spent.

Whether install windows on mac what you need now you can use Parallel office. From my experience I can say this is one of the best implementations virtual machine for macOS. In a separate article, I explained how I used my home iMac for ten years. All this time on my installed computer Windows 7 through Parallels.

The program uses resources so carefully that I even managed to play Borderlands 2 online, running through the campaign co-op with a friend. At the same time, no glitches or lags were observed.

And the most interesting thing is that at the same time I had Skype open in macOS, which consumed at least a gigabyte of RAM for audio calls. Unfortunately, WhatsApp didn’t know how to call back then, and Telegram didn’t exist, so such antediluvian technologies had to be used.

However, keep in mind that if you are using a computer with an M1 or M2 processor, you can only install a special version of Windows for ARM processors. In such a situation, not all applications can be installed on a virtual machine. And almost all games will not work. Rarely do any of the modern game developers make a universal release.

Facility Parallel office no different from VMware Fusion and poses no problem. In general, from my own experience, I sincerely advise you not to wait for VMware Fusion, but just to use Parallels.

To buy Parallel office You can at a price in the region of 6 thousand rubles. For the excellent functionality of the virtual machine, this is, in my opinion, a very good price. In general, think carefully about whether you need another operating system on your computer if there is no need for a type of software that has no analogues for macOS . Otherwise just use Apple operating system and don’t fill your head and your computer with useless programs.