How to install Sberbank Online, VTB Online and other applications that are no Longer in the App Store

Despite the promises Russian banks under sanctions that after being removed from the App Store, their applications will continue to work without restrictions, in fact, everything did not quite happen like that.

Some users discovered that bank customers of VTB, Alfa-Bank and Sberbank began to disappear spontaneously from their iPhones. What exactly caused the incident, no one has found out.

The fact remains that from now on, to access his personal account, he will have to use the website. But it is a serious compromise. Luckily, you don’t have to, as you can always install your bank’s native app.


You can install Sberbank Online, VTB, Alfa-Bank and other applications even after deleting them from the App Store

Recover a deleted app on your iPhone, iPad or other iOS device, you can even bypass the App Store. Especially since he’s long gone. A special iMazing utility allows you to do this. In fact, this is a more convenient analogue of iTunes, which allows you to restore the application if it has already been installed on your device in the past.

How to return Sberbank Online on iPhone

You can re-download the deleted app bypassing the app store

  • Agree to use the trial period (no need to pay a subscription);
  • Click on the “Manage applications” button, then – “Media library”;
  • Wait for the download and in the search bar enter the name of the desired application (in my case it is Sberbank Online);

So you can download not only banking apps

  • Right-click on it and select “Install”;
  • Wait for the download to complete and disconnect your iPhone from your computer.

At the end of these simple manipulations, the application will reappear on your iPhone. Moreover, it is possible to install in this way not only Sberbank online, and in general any application or game that is no longer available in the App Store. iMazing uses installation via APIs (similar to APK on Android), so there is no need to access the App Store.

Another thing is that not all applications make sense download even via iMazing. For example, the same Spotify or Netflix. You probably won’t even be able to log into your account, let alone have to subscribe, which has to be paid for with a foreign bank card. However, we have detailed instructions on how to get one.

How to restore deleted apps

An application installed via iMazing, like a classic application. will not send push and update

iMazing accesses your Apple ID account, and therefore sees which applications you have previously downloaded, then offers them to redownload. Therefore, it won’t work to install software that you never had with it. \

For example, I have not installed on iPhone VTB mobile client online, and iMazing doesn’t even show it. But there are no such problems with Sberbank Online – the application is assigned to my account and is available for a new download.

Application to install on your iPhone via iMazing is the most common native client you can download from the App Store. Therefore, exactly the same restrictions apply to him. For example, this application will not a) update because the developer does not have a platform to distribute new versions, and b) push you because Apple blocks access to the notification service based on the cloud for remote applications.

Download iMazing

Even though this method install apps bypassing app store there is no first day, the vast majority of users are unaware of it. They are afraid to install third party utility on their computer because they think they cannot handle it.

But in fact, there is nothing complicated here. All deleted software restoration operations are performed in just a few steps that do not require supernatural skills and abilities on your part.