How to Install ios 16 Developer Beta?

How to install ios 16 developer beta? On Monday, August 8, Apple released iOS 16 beta 5. Traditionally, the update is only distributed to developers and owners of the corresponding beta profile. Despite this, almost anyone can get it, as well as upgrade to a trial version.

The update has version 20A5339d. Keep this in mind if you’re not installing it live, but as a separate file downloaded from somewhere else. This will help not to brick the device by accidentally launching an older version.

iOS 16 beta 5 is now available for download, but only for developers

Since we are already in the fifth beta, and in the yard – August, it is obvious that we are quite close to the equator. This is the time when the release of the final version of iOS 16 will take less time than it has been since the start of preliminary tests. Thus, it can be assumed that all the novelties planned for the assembly of the version have already been presented and nothing new should be expected from the update.

What’s New in iOS 16 Beta?

how to install ios 16 developer beta

The canceled message disappears with a nice animation.

This version is confirmed by the absence of significant innovations in iOS 16 beta 5. If there were still some functional changes in the previous assembly, then in this one there are none at all, or almost none. And since there is nothing to brag about today, we remind you of the list of new features of iOS 16 beta 4:

  • Editing messages. You can now edit a message in iMessage anytime after you send it to the other person (previously it was 15 minutes).
  • Reminder of messages. Now you can only revoke a sent message in iMessage for 2 minutes.
  • Mark messages as unread. You can now dismiss messages as unread if you don’t have time to read or reply to them yet.
  • Transfer a call to FaceTime. With this feature, you can answer a FaceTime call on iPhone and then continue it on Mac, iPad or vice versa.

As we know from the experience of previous years, not all innovations presented during the presentation of iOS 16 will be released as part of the assembly of the version. Some of them in Cupertino are traditionally postponed for later versions, which will be released a little later.

For example, as part of iOS 16.1, iOS 16.2 or iOS 16.3 (yes, sometimes the release of particularly difficult innovations in terms of implementation occurs with such a delay).

How to Install ios 16 Developer Beta?

If you want to upgrade to iOS 16 beta 5, you can do so without restrictions from Apple by installing a beta developer profile. It’s free. True, you perform all update actions at your own risk, because the developer test versions, as the name implies, are not intended for ordinary users.

  • Download the iOS 16 beta profile from this link;
  • Go to “Settings” – “Loaded profile”;
how to install ios 16 developer beta

Anyone can install a beta developer profile without restrictions

  • Install it and restart your device;
  • Go to Software Update, check for updates and install iOS 16 beta 5.

As always, before installing a beta update – regardless of version – we strongly recommend that you save a backup. Don’t rely on chance and don’t expect the iPhone to do this automatically.

The thing is, now many related payment methods are regularly flying away, that’s why iCloud subscription is not renewed and backup is not saved.