How to install iOS 16 beta 1 on your iPhone?

How to install iOS 16 beta 1 on your iPhone? Almost a month after the release of the first iOS 16 beta For developers, Apple released an early version for everyone. This is a public version of the update that anyone can install. It doesn’t require a developer profile and is generally slightly more stable.

After testing the update on developers and ensuring that it does not contain critical vulnerabilities and break compatible devices, Apple is releasing it for public testing. Let’s see how to install it.

iOS 16 beta 1 is now available for public beta testing

How to install iOS 16 beta 1 on your iPhone?

Generally, testing the iOS 16 Public Release lags the developer version by up to two assemblies. Therefore, it is logical that from a functional point of view, public buildings usually turn out to be somewhat poorer, since some of the innovations are not contained in their composition at all.

Therefore, if you need all the latest information, you can check out the iOS 16 beta 3 installation instructions for developers. And, if you’re for stability, we’re stopping at iOS 16 public beta 1. But both have the same build number – 20A5312J. So maybe that’s an exception.

What’s new in iOS 16

Lock Mode in iOS 16 will let you block your iPhone from unwanted calls and disable all accounts

Assuming iOS 16 betas 1 has been adopted for everyone What’s new in iOS 16 beta 3 for developers, its feature set should look like this:

  • Customizable lock screen;
  • Unsend messages in Mail and iMessage;
  • Remove background from photos;
  • Improved dictation;
  • Support for digital IDs in Wallet;
  • Apple Pay Later installment purchase service;
  • New map display format in Apple Maps for 11 cities;
  • New CarPlay format;
  • Photo sharing mechanism via iCloud Family Sharing;
  • A separate account for a child on a single device;
  • Horizontal scanning of Face ID on iPhone 12 and 13;
  • Medication reminder;
  • Live captions;
  • New camera features;
  • Protection mode lock;
  • Color filters to customize wallpapers;
  • “Astronomy” dynamic wallpapers;
  • Advanced security options.

Is in the composition of iOS 16 beta 1 because all these innovations are still in question. This usually becomes clear after a few days. If the information is not confirmed, we will write it. So, for now, I propose to assume that the assembly for public beta testing and for developers are identical. Yet, if not, what was the point of making them the same build number?

How to Install iOS 16 Beta

Install iOS 16 beta 1 Easy for everyone. All you have to do is sign up for the open beta testing program and install a testing profile on your device:

Anyone can now install the iOS 16 beta

  • Open “Settings” – “Loaded profile”;
  • Install the beta profile and restart your iPhone;
  • Go to the “Software Update” section and check for updates;
  • Download the iOS 16 trial version and install it.

Before updating, it is highly recommended to save a backup to iCloud. It can be useful twice. The first time is if something goes wrong during the update process and your iPhone turns bricked.

Then you can enter it into recovery mode, reinstall iOS and start the backup from above. And the second time, the backup will help you if you decide to downgrade to a stable version of iOS.