How to Install Fonts on Windows?

How to Install Fonts on Windows? If we talk about fonts in Windows, we can’t help but name some iconic ones like Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri or the infamous Comic Sans.

Admittedly, the list available by default is very extensive, but that does not mean that we cannot update it to give it a personalized touch.

But if you still don’t know how to install new fonts on your windows computerYou are in the right place.

Through this guide, we will show you how you can add endless fonts to Windows. You will see that it is something really very simple, and that it has the particularity of being able to be done in different ways without too much complexity.

How to Install Fonts on Windows?

The first thing we must take into account is that they need a place from which to extract the fonts that we will integrate into our PC. The most recommended option is Google fonts, which offers an extensive catalog of free fonts; we can also test them before downloading them to know in advance what the text will look like and not to install them unnecessarily.

It’s also easy to install fonts on Windows

Once we have chosen the fonts that we want to install in Windows, we must download them to the computer. Keep in mind that the vast majority of these files (whose most common extensions are TTF, OTF or FNT) arrive compressed in ZIP or RAR format, but they usually weigh no more than a few KB. That is more, most of the time it is not even necessary to unzip them to add them to our PC.

So, for example, we can double-click on the font we just downloaded from WinRAR itself and the installer window will open. Once there, just click To install and the font will be added to Windows.