How to Improve Apple Music Recommendations?

How to Improve Apple Music Recommendations? We’ll show you the easiest way for Apple Music to give you better recommendations.

Apple Music is characterized by its user-friendly interface who offers you various proposals regarding the songs, artists and albums of your choice, so that you can enjoy greater comfort when it comes to play your favorite playlist.

However, it does not always offer suggestions that are adapt to user tastes. This is why, for fix that we have prepared this guide, in which we will teach you how to make Apple Music give you best recommendations of music that might interest you.

How to Improve Apple Music Recommendations?

How to improve songs suggested by Apple Music, we will teach you below

Although the app is very intuitiveas we mentioned at the beginning, when it comes to recommending an artist or a song, there are times when you would prefer it to be a little more accurate and that their suggestions are relevant to taste profile of each user. For this reason we will tell you how to make the request according to your preferences.

The songs you like

Giving Love is the easiest option for Apple Music to suggest artists or albums you like

one of the ways more simple so that Apple Music can learn and memorize your tastes go through the button “I like” to a song from the app, as this will let him know what kind of music you like. identify or like.

As a result, the platform will start to I recommend you songs or playlist based on your “I like“.

Next, we’ll teach you how to like a song:

  • First, heads up wing applicationafter look for A song you like.
  • Then touch the button three tracks that appears on the current track the reproduction.
  • Ultimately, hurry on the button I like.

This way the app will make suggestions based on your love.

How to Tell Apple Music Not to Suggest Songs You Don’t Like

Tapping the suggest less option like this will cause Apple Music to stop sending you recommendations for the artist or album you selected

Just as there are songs that Do you prefer that I offer you the application?there are others who You don’t like them and you try to avoid whether the application shows them to you or suggests them to you.

For this reason, we are going to teach you how to make Apple Music not suggest anything to you. i don’t want to listen. Here we will explain how:

  • The first step is open applook for a song or playlist that you don’t like
  • Now, to touch the button with the three dots that appears next to the song.
  • Then select the option suggest less like this.

At the end of these steps, the application will avoid make recommendations of the songs you have selected so that it does not suggest them to you.

How to Add Songs to Library and Playlists?

This way you can add songs to your library and playlist

Apple Music, like all music apps, brings its own library who can make you recommendations albums, new artists and songs. Likewise, the display from the library it varies depending on what you want to add, be it a playlist, a track or an album.

Next, we’ll show you how to add a playlist or album to your library in Apple Music.

  • The first thing you should do is select a playlist or album you like.
  • Then in the upper right corner you will see Add to Library right next to an icon More.
  • Now, press the icon More and with that the selected album or playlist should be in your personal library.

Note that you can also add individual songs at your library.

  • You click on the three dots of the top song panel in progress and select “Add to Library” That is “Add to Reading List”.

Adding an album or playlist to your personal library will make you facilitate their searchsince you won’t have to search for them, you’ll just have to lead you to your library and there they will be.

How to turn off the history of songs you listen to?

Like most applications, Apple Music includes a record that stores all your history within the application, this in order to gather information on the artists, albums or playlists you have listened to recently in order to offer you everything related to your musical preferences.

However, some users do not feel comfortable with the fact that an application shop the search history you have done, for this reason this option can be activate and deactivate whenever you want, if you don’t know how to do it, here we list the steps to turn off the history in Apple Music.

  • The first thing to do is to open the app, go to Settingthen select the option Music.
  • Now you need to press the box which is next to the option Use history.

With these simple steps you will have disabled permission granted to the app to store your search history.