How to Identify a Fake Account on Facebook?

On Facebook, there are thousands of fake accounts for unknown reasons. Here we tell you how to identify them so that they are not part of your ‘Friends’ list.

Facebook, being the largest social network globally with millions of users, runs the risk of containing false accounts created with unfriendly intentions, sometimes to make other users uncomfortable, sell products, or spy on other Facebook profiles. Luckily, there is a way to identify them, and here we tell you how to do it.

To do this, you only have to pay close attention to certain elements that could reveal if it is a fake Facebook account. In this way, you will avoid that your list of ‘Friends’ is filled with fake accounts, and you can continue to enjoy the great social network without problems

How to identify a fake account on Facebook?

Profile picture

Most of the time, fake accounts use photos taken from the Internet. For that reason, pay close attention and, if you suspect that it is a generic image or not a real photo, Google its origin and the profile’s name.

Seniority within the social network

If you suspect that the account is fake, check when it was created. Most of the fake accounts are not very old, and, in addition, they do not have much interaction. So, if you notice either of these two characteristics, it is most likely a fake Facebook account.

Number of friends and mutual friends

This point is very important since, in general, fake accounts do not have anyone on their ‘Friends’ list, and if they do, they were possibly added randomly, and they are also fake accounts. Another great clue to identify them is to check if they have mutual friends or not.

What to do if a fake Facebook account sends you a friend request?

First of all, do not accept it or give it any access to your information, photos or publications. And if you suspect that it is a false account, it is best to block the profile and report it to Facebook so that those responsible can review it and remove it.

As a second step, make sure to keep your information private through the Facebook settings menu, so only your added friends can access it and see your posts without putting what you like to share at risk.

It is believed that with the arrival of the metaverse to Facebook, new alternatives and algorithms will make it easier to identify fake accounts and eliminate them if they are suspicious. But while this is happening, do not forget to apply the tips above and share with us if you know of more to identify them the first time.