How to Hide the Time on WhatsApp? But not everyone

How to Hide the Time on WhatsApp? Whatsapp has launched a new feature but this is not everyone.

It’s no secret that WhatsApp lags far behind Telegram in terms of functionality: the messenger is regularly criticized for its lack of functions, lag and low level of user data protection. And what about the lack of an app for the iPad?

The peak popularity of the messenger is far behind, and the management continues to feed users with breakfast. truth, destiny whatsapp for iPad Few people are more interested. But the company continues to add new features to the application in a dosed way: you can now safely hide the visit time of certain users in order to go to whatsapp incognito. Of course, not everything is so simple.

WhatsApp is getting a long-awaited feature. But does that make sense?

WhatsApp Problems

WhatsApp isn’t perfect, but something useful still shows up there

Messenger is still used by millions of people and they find it convenient due to the emergence of new features. But let’s face it: Telegram is more convenient than WhatsApp and even lets you hide your status and even see hidden messages with a long press on the chat. Can WhatsApp do this? No. You can’t just take it, go online and go unnoticed.

Can hide the time of the visit from everyone and disable read receipt, but this approach raises more questions. Yes, and the very inclusion of this function goes awry: you do not see what time the interlocutor was and whether he read the message. WhatsApp finally solved this problem.

A new Feature in WhatsApp

To be honest, a lot of people think that disabled visiting hours on whatsapp – Kindergarten and cocooning. But Messenger definitely lacks privacy. The company will therefore add a feature that will limit access to last seen – the latest beta version of WhatsApp for iOS confirms this.

Truth, hide visit time in whatsapp not everyone will be able to do this – the user will be able to ban a certain number of contacts from seeing the time of the last visit.

Whatsapp now allows you to hide visit times from other users’ list

Thus, the most malicious interlocutors, tracking your every step, will no longer be able to guess when you were last online. Users have already noted that the developers of WhatsApp have again done the exact opposite: they say that it would be better to figure out how to hide the time of the visit from everyone except the exception list.

Even if you expected such a feature, you will have to accept it: by activating it, you will not be able to see the visit time of the users of this list. It is reported that the beta testing of the version is already in full swing on iOS and Android, which means that the whatsapp updates should be out for everyone very soon.

How to Hide the Time on WhatsApp?

Is it possible to hide the visit time from other users without waiting for an update?

At the moment, you can hide the visit time in WhatsApp either from all users at once or only from those who are not in your address book. This can be done in the following way.

  • Open WhatsApp and select “Settings”.
  • Click on “Account” and select “Privacy”.
  • Go to the topmost item “Was(-s)” and select “Person” or “My Contacts”.

On the other hand, WhatsApp, in fact, changes the punch for soap: in the next update, we will have a new feature that will allow you to write to a subscriber without adding a contact to the phone book.

Accordingly, you can remove the user from the phone, and enable visibility of the last visit only for your contacts – it will turn out almost the same. You can do the same now by deleting contacts from your iPhone and enabling the appropriate privacy settings, but leaving the chat. Yes, it will take a bit of tinkering, but it looks like nothing new on whatsapp.

How to Discreetly Read a WhatsApp Message?

You can discreetly read the message by clicking on the chat itself. True, it will not be possible to scroll it completely.

However, if you want to go unnoticed on whatsapp, you can disable the “read report”: if you disable this function, the sender will only see two gray checkmarks, indicating that the message has been received. At the same time, neither you will have blue checkmarks when you send a message and it will be read, nor your interlocutors. True, you will still be seen in group chats – your name will be on the list of users who have read the message.

However, it is much more convenient than disabling the last session time in whatsapp – even if you are online, there is no need to respond, and the likelihood of you being “spotted” is extremely low. And if you use WhatsApp Desktop, you don’t have to worry: the application works in its own way and sometimes it does not show that the person is online at all, and the message seems to come from offline. Just in case, how can I turn off the read report:

  • Open WhatsApp and go to Settings;
  • Select “Account”;
  • At the very bottom, turn off the slider next to “Read reports”;

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