How to have a Chronological Instagram feed on iPhone

Enable Timeline Feed and Instagram Favorites

Instagram users can now see chronological posts from their followers to view a feed organized by post time without the app’s algorithms interfering with the feed.

It was recently revealed that Instagram is testing three new types of content display in the app.

  • Start: The classic feed the app shows once it starts determining our likes and activity. This is the flow that we find when entering the application.
  • Favorites: A feed that displays only posts from users we choose to display.
  • Followed: a recovered thread that was present until 2016 where the user can view their followers’ posts in chronological order.

Now, this novelty is a fact and you can choose the app’s content consumption through these three views, which aim to give the user greater control over what they want to see.

How to have a Chronological Instagram feed on iPhone?

In fact, the process of change is very simple, but it is important to download the most recent version of Instagram. After that, you just need to follow the next steps.

1- Enter the application.

2- Identify the “Instagram” logo which is in the upper left corner and touch it.

3- A new menu will appear with two options: following and favorites.

4- Select ‘Next’ and wait for the screen to change.

From now on the top ‘Stories’ section will disappear and you can now see the latest posts from our subscribers, sorted by most recent and with the same interaction options as usual.

How to have a Chronological Instagram feed on iPhone

Switch to timeline and favorites on Instagram

This chronological flow can’t stay default for which you have to perform the same steps every time you enter the chat room when you want to see the posts like this.

In addition to this novelty, Instagram has implemented the option to activate subtitles in videos. We know that he is working to bring major improvements this year including a new way to organize and personalize our profile.