How to Grow Your Painting Business?

Setting up a company today is not easy. You must get jobs, promote your business, have a solid client base, and build trust with potential clients. Whatever your business is, you must give your best at all times. 

On this occasion, we will focus on the difficulties a painting company faces. One of the most common modalities today is to be a self-employed painter in this market, although painting companies also have difficulty attracting clients and closing painting jobs

It does not matter if you have been working for a long time or starting. The process of selling your services must always be current to get more clients and that your company continues to advance and has a promising future. 

Next, we will expose some keys to promote your company,  get jobs on the Internet and increase your number of clients to keep your income active. If you find yourself in this situation, you cannot miss these. 

How to Grow Your Painting Business?

Growing your painting business through various forms of advertising is essential to long-term success and future profits for your new business. Unlike established brick and mortar companies, most new painting contractors operate businesses from home, so you must make an effort to let clients know you exist. 

Constant advertising attracts new business contacts and helps establish your name and presence in the community. Through consistent customer satisfaction and ongoing advertising, your company will build a trustworthy reputation and a strong database of customer references. There are quite a few marketing techniques to grow a painting business.

Instructions to a digital marketing painting company

Hire a web designer to design a three to five-page website. Include a services page, photo gallery, contact form for quote requests, and a photo gallery of previous work.

• Write ideas for a phone book ad for the phone book provider in your city and make an appointment with a sales representative to discuss ad size, price, and design options. The calendar ad should include your name, phone number, web address, and a brief list of painting services.

• Ask satisfied customers to leave ratings and reviews on Internet sites where they advertise your business. In addition, we kindly ask clients to Submit a testimonial about their experience with their painting service. Compile a portfolio of testimonials and add each one to your website.

• Drive to the real estate office in your city. Introduce yourself and hand your business cards to the agents. Real estate agents often deal with buyers and sellers needing a painter. Make an offer for the real estate agent on your website in exchange for the agent advertising your business.

• Call a direct mail company and get postcard design and mail service prices. Select a neighborhood and the destination number of houses. Find names using free satellite maps on the Internet, or drive to the street neighborhood and write down the street names. Notify the direct mail company of the street names, choose a design for your card, and order the desired number of postcards. The direct mail company completes the design and shipping for you.

Digital Marketing for Painters

To do this, 

  • You must create an attractive personal brand for potential clients.
  • Improve online visibility by having updated profiles on platforms in your sector, including photos of previous jobs to demonstrate experience and that they see quality work at a glance.
  • Explain well what services you offer and what elements your work includes. 

– Share photos of your best work and painting projects.

– Appear in the online directory of professionals. 

– Participate in forums to interact with potential clients and other professionals.

– Access painting budgets requested by individuals.

– Obtain positive opinions from clients who are satisfied with your work.

Take Care of your Reputation

Both in the online sphere, taking care of the opinions that your clients leave, and in the offline part, where you must not forget the great importance of word of mouth

We all rely a lot on the recommendations of relatives and acquaintances, so if you get them to speak well of you, you will get new jobs. It is always advisable to have professional cards with your contact on hand; you never know when you may meet someone looking for a painter!

You can ask them to share your projects on their social networks and check that you appear in the online directory of painters in your area.

Create alliances in the world of reforms

Join, and you will win. Contrary to the famous phrase “divide and conquer,” in this case, we recommend you ally yourself with comprehensive reform companies, plasterers, or masons who may need painters after their work. It is a way to convert other users with similar needs into customers.

You can seek support within your guild from manufacturers, other painters, painting companies, associations, or congresses. It is an excellent way to keep up to date with the latest developments in the sector, techniques, and products. 

The first contact with the potential client

On this occasion, the speed of the first contact is crucial to getting jobs. If we achieve this, it will be easier to pass a detailed budget of the needed services and, incidentally, generate trust by demonstrating efficiency and labor solvency. The first impression is what counts. 

Here are some simple steps in the process of contacting customers:

  1. Contact the individual:  It is essential to do it quickly to get ahead of the competition. Each contact channel has advantages: the telephone allows fluid communication, while WhatsApp is less invasive since the client can answer when it suits him best.
  1. Introduce yourself:  if you haven’t spoken yet, you should introduce yourself politely, directly, and closely. Ensure the client has your contact details if they need to contact you again.
  1. Set the next step: it can be a home visit, call later or the next day, but don’t wait for things to happen by themselves; take the initiative.

Tip:  take care of the spelling and the forms in your messages to give a better impression.

Professionalism at work

Finally, you should not forget that following all the above advice is useless if a professional and committed attitude at work is not followed. To do this, you must be punctual, meet deadlines and generate quality results. This way, you ensure a  portfolio of happy clients who will contact you again if they need painting work in the future.

Individuals value most a professional painter’s quality of work, cleanliness, trust, punctuality, and honesty in dealings.

How to offer a painting service?

To be a house painter, you must design marketing material that reflects the image you want to give to clients. To advertise your services, you can put up notices on boards in stores, hand out flyers, distribute flyers in mailboxes in the area, advertise in local newspapers, etc.