How to Group Stream on Twitch?

How to Group Stream on Twitch? In the company, much better. This maxim is useful for many things, like live from Twitch. Seeing someone talking is good, but if there are two, three or four people, it’s much better.

Well, it turns out that the Amazon platform facilitates the power to watch your favorite streamers talk to each other in the same Twitch stream. Each from their channel. The answer is the Group stream.

Not that it’s one of the most popular features when watching or streaming on Twitch. Usually, banners share the same space or channel broadcast. Either by combining Zoom calls or by all being in the same room. But with the Group Stream function, you can create a synergy between various contraction channels and thus make a direct which in reality are several.

To the grain. The group stream “allows up to four creators to connect live and stream in a single window. The result is that the show is seen on every channel as if it were a single stream. Plus, the usual features are still there, like live chat, polls and voting, actions via Bits, and more.

You can even subscribe to channels you don’t follow. And it can be seen both on your computer and on TV or on your mobile phone. The only limitation of the mobile app is that it displays *up to three channels at the same time+.

How to Group Stream on Twitch?

Although this feature is relatively new, it is very easy to set up and use. you will find it in your control Panel from Twitch. Once there, Group Stream will appear in the Stream Manager shortcuts panel. This, yes. Please note that at this time to use Group Stream you will need to be a Twitch Partner. So if you aren’t already, you won’t see this option.

Once the Group Stream shortcut is located, you need to send the corresponding invitations. A maximum of three invites. To do this, click on add a channel and write your name.

Autocomplete will help you see matching results. You can invite channels from your friend list, either supporters or teammates. Before you invite them, you all need to be live.

When the guests accept the invitation, you will see the notice and can click Start group stream. A banner will appear on each guest channel so your viewers can see you in group mode. The show can start now. In this way, it will be easier for you to retransmit a group online game or hold a debate or an informal symposium.

What do you need to know about group feed?

Of course, several technical details must be taken into account. First, the Group Stream ends when all participants left the group. Until then, group mode remains active for viewers, even those whose channel has left group mode. Another detail. the spectator statistics are counted for the channel that appears in the primary slot. From there, you can change channels to participate in the chat or use the particularities of each channel.

The main relay also affects advertising or clips. The advertisements displayed are broadcast on the main channel of the slot machine. For obvious reasons, it is not possible to change the slot channel while an advertisement is playing. The clips that activate viewers are also broadcast on the main channel.

To keep things running smoothly, Twitch has limited functionality for the time being. Group stream to their partners. In addition, the quality of the guest channels is reduced to 480p so that the simultaneous emission does not suffer. Additionally, Twitch recommends enabling low latency in the Control Panel (Preferences > Channel) and using an external voice application for communication between simulcast participants.

In short, the Group stream is a way to live stream between two or more streamers enjoying each other’s channel instead of sharing a single channel. This way you will avoid having to join the show of each on your own through the official app or solutions such as OBS. Twitch will take care of it.