How to Fix Screen Recording Error on iPhone?

How to Fix Screen Recording Error on iPhone? A handy screen recording feature appeared in iOS 11: since then, users can easily record what is happening on the iPhone screen in order, for example, to quickly explain to someone what settings activate or simply share content.

If desired, the streaming video can still be turned into a GIF animation. But here’s the thing: sometimes screen recording doesn’t work: you’ll see the message “Failed to save screen recording” – a rare but annoying error. Let’s see what to do if the iPhone screen recording not working and how to fix it quickly.

How to Fix Screen Recording Error on iPhone?

Screen Recording does not Activate on iPhone

An error appears while recording the screen on iPhone. What to do?

It is extremely rare that the message “Failed to save screen recording” appears during screen recording in iOS, and the video, of course, is not saved in the phone memory. Usually, users see different options for error on the screen.

  • The operation could not be completed.
  • Failed to save screen recording.
  • Screen recording could not be saved due to 5823.
  • Failed because the first sample buffer could not be processed.

Most often the problem arises when you want to save content that is under copyright – for example, in a streaming service, when you want to record an episode of a series or a show. In this case, you will see error 5823 in the message.

Sometimes the error message does not appear and the recording only shows a black screen or an image with no sound. If it’s protected content, then there’s no problem with the phone – just try to make a screen recording in another application for example, on YouTube or on a site in Safari.

Why Screen Recording is Silent on iPhone?

You can record the screen with sound, but this feature does not always work. Why is that? To begin with, something needs to be cleared up. Suppose you are recording a screen from Apple Music or Yandex.Music, but there is no sound.

Have you enabled screen recording, but there is no sound?

  • Maybe it’s about content protection again: audio won’t be recorded due to copyright.
  • Try increasing the volume on your iPhone.
  • The iPhone is connected via Bluetooth to a speaker or headphones: the error rarely occurs, since the sound source is always the smartphone itself, but if nothing comes out, you can try disconnecting and reconnecting. record screen.
  • The iPhone is connected to Yandex.Station via the local network: if you control playback from your phone without a Bluetooth connection, then the iPhone screen will not be recorded.

But there’s a workaround: press and hold the screen recording button in the control center, then tap the microphone at the bottom – the screen recording will be accompanied by the sound from the speaker and the sound will be recorded. You can also comment on what’s happening on the screen with your voice – handy, isn’t it?

Screen not Recording on iPhone

If an iPhone screen recording is in progress, but the record is not saved due to a sudden error, you can fix it manually. There are several ways.

If the content is protected, it will not be possible to save it.

  • Restart your iPhone. Another problem is solved by restarting due to an error in the functioning of iOS.
  • Check free space on iPhone: Screen recording is not saved due to insufficient storage space.
  • Try restarting the app and starting the screen recording again.
  • Please note that screen recording may be unstable in beta versions of iOS: try upgrading to a stable version to make sure there are no issues.

You can also limit screen casting via Screen Time. In the privacy settings, you need to disable a special option.

  • Go to Settings, and select Screen Time.
  • Click on “Content and Privacy” and select “Content Restrictions”.
  • Enter your Screen Time password.
  • Find “Screen Recording” in the list, click and select “Yes”.

In general, it’s best to turn off Screen Time to reduce battery consumption and not accidentally throttle apps. Learn about other obscure features in iOS 15 in our article.

From Screen Recording, you can enable social media broadcasting. Comfortable!

By the way, with a long press on the screen recording button, a list of several applications appears. In my case, these are Photos, Gmail, Telegram and VK. What does he mean? If you select one of them, a countdown will start, after which the screen recording will end.

The fact is that it is so showing iPhone screen in shows: If you live stream on social media or attend a meeting on Google Hangouts, you can optionally enable iPhone screen sharing from this point.

Apple has redesigned the video player in iOS 16: now it’s more convenient and easier. About how to watch videos in the new iOS now we explained in our article.