How to Fast Charge Your Apple Watch?

How to Fast Charge Your Apple Watch? Unfortunately, the main drawback of the Apple Watch is its weak battery, which the developers cannot or do not want to improve yet. As it wears out, it needs to be recharged much more often.

If, with all the functions activated on the new Apple Watch, it can work for about two days, then after a while, the watch needs to be charged daily. For many users, this is the nightly charging of the Apple Watch, when the accessory can remain connected to the network until the morning. But is it fair? Let’s see if it’s possible to leave your Apple Watch charging overnight and how to extend battery life.

Can I charge my Apple Watch overnight? Let’s try to understand

Optimized Apple Watch charging

The Apple Watch, together with the iPhone, has an optimized charging function that helps extend battery life: when activated, the watch analyzes the user’s habits and manages the charging process.

Charging so that the battery does not wear out quickly, but your smartwatch is charged at the right time. Apple Watch Optimized Charging helps maintain optimal capacity by reducing charging time to 100%. After all, it is this habit that shortens the lifespan.

Optimized charging helps your watch last longer. How does it work?

Optimized charging only works when you are at home or at work: if you go on vacation, the function will not work. For iPhone to recognize your location, you need to set up geolocation correctly.

  • Go to “Privacy”, and click on “Geolocation”.
  • Scroll down and click System Services, then System Configuration.
  • Select “Significant Places” from the list and enable it.

Thus, Apple Watch will remember your location, but the information will remain exclusively in the memory of the watch.

How to Fast Charge your Apple Watch?

Turn off optimized charging to speed up your watch charging

Optimized charging on Apple Watch is enabled by default, so the watch charges slowly to the last 20%. If you want to charge your smartwatch faster, disable this feature in settings.

  • Open apps on Apple Watch.
  • Select “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Battery” section, then “Battery status”.
  • Disable the slider next to “Optimized loading”, then select “Until tomorrow” or for good.

Apple claims that Optimized Charging extends battery life. Accordingly, if the function is deactivated, the maximum battery capacity will decrease a little faster. However, users believe that optimized charging in practice has no effect on battery life, but only takes time.

Can you charge your Apple Watch overnight?

Apple itself admits that you can charge the watch overnight, but you must do so with night mode activated: at this point, your Apple Watch turns into a bedside alarm clock, and the screen switches to landscape mode and displays time, turning off after 10 seconds.

It also includes an alarm function that can be deactivated by pressing the digital crown. After removing the watch from charging, it will work normally again.

Enable Apple Watch Night Mode to Save Battery

In any case, the aforementioned optimized nightly charging prevents overheating and doses the power supply: the Apple Watch only recharges when the battery loses a percentage of charge, and the system charges the watch again to 100%. Like it or not, nightly charging affects Apple Watch battery life the same as the day: its maximum capacity will decrease after each charging cycle.

How to properly charge your Apple Watch?

If you see one of these icons, you need to wait for the Apple Watch to charge.

However, there are a few tricks to help you extend the battery life of your Apple Watch.

  • The Apple Watch must be connected to the network when the charge reaches 10%, not completely discharged to zero.
  • If it is not possible to charge the watch when it reaches 10%, activate eco mode: the Apple Watch will in fact turn into an ordinary watch, many functions will be disabled, but the battery will not drain rapidly.
  • It is best to keep the battery charge between 50-80% so that the device does not heat up.
  • Try to charge your watch with original accessories: avoid cheap analogs and adapters that reduce charging efficiency.
  • Don’t remove your Apple Watch from the charger often: Intermittent charging is also bad for the battery, and try not to use your watch during this time.

The Apple Watch battery wears out faster than the iPhone, so It is not recommended to charge your Apple Watch in the car from a cigarette lighter. Especially when it comes to cheap chargers that don’t have voltage monitors and other fuses.

But if the car has a USB connector for the wire, use it – there will be much less chance of ruining the Apple Watch battery. The most important thing: when charging the iPhone or Apple Watch, avoid connecting while the engine is starting, because that’s when the voltage in the circuit jumps the most, which can negatively affect your device.