How to Extend iPhone Life?

How to Extend iPhone Life? Upgrading to the latest and greatest every year sounds great, but it’s not cheap. Find out how to extend the life of your phone.

You don’t even have to be a tech savvy to get the most out of these tips for improving phone longevity.

How to Extend iPhone Life?

They’re all pretty easy to follow, and you can start changing your habits today to extend the life of your phone.

Don’t skip updates

To keep your phone running as fast and smooth as possible, it’s important to update the operating system and third-party apps as they come out.

These updates don’t take long, and the benefits can be huge: from fixing bugs and fixing security issues, to changes that bring new features and improve overall performance so your device runs smoother and faster. .

Android and iPhone both offer automatic app updates, which should be enabled by default.

You can check on an Android phone by opening the Play Store, swiping up the menu from the left side of the screen, tapping Settings, and making sure Update apps automatically is selected. If you have an iPhone, go to Settings > App Store and make sure App Updates is turned on. However, this function will not work in low power mode.

Deleting apps can help revive a slow phone

Phones have a limited amount of storage and memory, so it’s important to keep the number of unused apps to a minimum. Systematically deleting unused apps from your phone will save storage space and prevent apps from running in the background, consuming valuable resources and making your phone run slower and cumbersome. the end of his life.

Keep your screen and ports clean

Using a phone full of grease and grime is not something we want to do. But a sparkling clean phone is something we can all feel good about, especially if it means dust and dirt don’t interfere with its operation.

Even if you’re using a case, take a few minutes once in a while to clean any lint or debris from the charging port, microphone area, speaker grill, and headphone jack, if your phone has them. a. You can use a toothpick to get in and out of anything.

Replace a broken battery instead of the phone

Even if you’ve done everything right, you can still end up with a battery that just won’t hold a charge over time. Instead of replacing the whole phone, try replacing the battery.

Bonus Tip: Back Up Your Phone Regularly

Backing up your phone data won’t do anything to prolong the life of your phone, but it does mean that when it’s time to say goodbye to your phone, all your contacts, photos, videos and personalized settings will be ready to go. jump so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Do you have an iPhone? Check that iCloud backup is enabled by opening the app Setting . Then press iCloud > Copy iCloud Security and make sure the switch is in the on position.

The process for Android owners varies depending on your device manufacturer, but in general you can open the app Setting then go to Google > Copy of security . Some device manufacturers, like Samsung, offer their own backup service in addition to Google’s. The easiest way to find your device’s automatic cloud backup service is to open the app Setting and use the search box at the top to search for “backup”.

Now that you know how to keep your phone running smoothly in the future, take a few minutes to learn more about Android’s hidden features or, if you’re using iOS, iPhone’s hidden features. And here’s how to sell your phone for the most money.