How to Download Music from Spotify

How to Download Music from Spotify? What do you want to know

  • Add your external source in Settings > Local Files > Show Local Files > Show songs from.
  • You can’t really download music from Spotify; instead, you tell Spotify to search specific folders for music selected from other sources.

This article explains how to get Spotify to recognize and find your music from external sources.

The local music transfer function only works on subscriptions to SpotifyPremium. You can add music to MP3, MP4 or AAC format.

How to Add Songs to Spotify?

To clarify what you’re doing here, you’re not really download music in the sense that you send it to the servers of Spotify. Instead, you add your local music to a desktop’s directories to Spotify, in which case it will include that content when it displays your collection.

Once Spotify reviews these folders, any new songs you put there are automatically available in the app.

  1. Click on your user menu in the upper right corner of the application window.
  2. Choose Setting.
  3. Scroll down to the section local files and activate the switch To show local files.
  4. Now a new section will appear, show songs de, just below the switch.
  5. Click the Add Source button to select a directory. Spotify will scan this directory and all of its subdirectories for compatible music files and playlists, which will appear in your Spotify library.
  6. repeat it step 5 as desired, if you have music in several different directories.

How to Download Music from Spotify?

In addition to being able to play your local music on the computer it’s stored on, you can also transfer it to other mobile devices signed into the same Spotify account.

The following steps will work on versions of iOS and Android ccompatible with Spotify, as well as in Windows and macOS.

  1. First, all the songs you want to transfer must be included in a playlist. A simple way to have all your music on your mobile device is to create a playlist that contains all the songs.
  2. Now launch Spotify on your other device and make sure you are on the same local network as the machine it is on stored music.
  3. Desktop and Android users can skip this step. If you’re using an iOS device, you’ll need to go to the Settings screen and scroll down to the Local Files section. Press the Activate button synchronization from the office.
  4. You should see the playlist(s) containing the local files among your other playlists. You may be able to identify them because you are listed as an “artist” (congratulations!). Click on one of them to open it.
  5. Just like the Spotify catalog playlists, there will be a download button.
  6. By activating this light switch, The playlist and all the songs in it will be downloaded to your device.

    If you are not connected to the same network as the computer where the music is stored, the playlist will still be downloaded, but the songs will not be downloaded until you are connected to the same network.