How to Download Free Music on iPhone?

Almost all my friends are faced with the fact that it is now impossible to pay for Apple Music and still listen to new music. Someone to last tried to circumvent the App Store restrictions, but in the end, they spat on it and postponed the worries for better times. It’s true, if you dig you can find different ways to listen to music on your iPhone even in this difficult time.

The little nasties that Spotify and other streaming services have done for us can be easily circumvented, but it will take a bit of torture. However, modern problems require modern solutions, right? Let’s find out how to listen to music in 2023if Apple Music stopped working.

Understand where to look for new music and how to listen to it during sanctions

How to Download Free Music on iPhone?

Personally, I was not intimidated at all. sanctions on music, so I am now looking for new missing items directly in the browser. Thanks to Apple for adding this feature. download music for iPhone directly, free of charge and without connecting to iTunes.

You can download music in an easy way

  • Open a browser on your iPhone.
  • Enter the track name, open the link and click “Download”.
  • After that, all downloaded songs will be saved in the “Downloads” folder.
  • To have all music stored in a separate folder, create it and change the save path in Safari settings.

But listening to music this way isn’t very convenient, and iOS doesn’t have a built-in offline audio player to work with iPhone music and playlists. Download for free from the App Store player for offline listening:

I personally use the Offline Player app, which has no ads or subscriptions, and music can be imported directly from memory. You can also find music from YouTube there and listen to it for free in the background.

With this application, you can not only listen to music but also search for it

  • Install Offline Player on iPhone and open it.
  • Click on the “Tracks” tab, then “Add” in the upper right corner, and select “Files”.
  • Then, in the music folder, select the songs: click on the three dots at the top, then – “Select”.
  • After that, mark your tracks in the list or click “Select All” and click “Open”.

Added tracks will be copied to the application folder: to save memory, simply set the “Audio” folder as the location for downloaded files in Safari preferences. Additionally, the app has a built-in browser that lets you search for music on the internet and download it right away, bypassing Safari.

You can also add music to a separate “Favorites” playlist, and rename tracks. In short, obviously, not the usual streaming service, but all tracks and even remixes will be in your collection for free.

Where to listen to music for free?

Fortunately, if you don’t like constantly changing tracks in search of “the right one”, you can safely use other music apps for free and even discover new genres. You can safely turn it on and go about your business. Here’s what I recommend watching.

Listen to music without a subscription on your iPhone

  • Radio recording. Several dozen online stations of various genres, from Full House FM and children’s music to Trance and Megamix. Free app.
  • DFM. The app not only offers stations by genre, but also by performers. You can use it absolutely for free.
  • NRJ. Please note that it is in French, but you can understand it by typing it. Many stations by genre, due to the large number had to be grouped into separate categories. Works for free and without advertising.
  • Only rock and nothing else! A few radio stations, and a few commercials, but the app is easy to understand.

Tell us in the comments how you currently listen to music and what apps you use.