How to Disable Carrier Messages on iPhone?

Despite the fact that iPhone Screen Notifications – it is extremely convenient, nevertheless, sometimes they create a lot of trouble: they distract from work, rest and even driving. It is also important to note that there are many ways to disable push notifications and then operator messages on iphone although they appear extremely rarely, getting rid of them is much more difficult: I’m sure each of you at least once encountered the fact that a notification appeared on a translucent background with a sale or an offer to connect a subscription to books or sports news. Today we will tell you why operator notifications are necessary and how to disable them.

We figure out what to do if messages from the operator began to appear on the iPhone screen

Operator pop-up notifications

If you see a special pop-up advertisement on the iPhone screen that offers subscribe to the operator, be aware that it may sometimes turn on automatically. Providers don’t want to lose the opportunity to earn in the age of app subscriptions, so from time to time they automatically enable this feature for users – you may know this newsletter called “Chameleon” from Beeline.

Everyone has probably encountered such messages on the iPhone screen.

It first appeared on cellphone screens and eventually migrated to smartphones. Not only does the notification itself sometimes appear, but you can accidentally click on it, as a result of which money begins to be imperceptibly debited from the account. At the same time, browser ad blocking utilities do not affect messages from operators and you need to disable them manually.

How to Disable Carrier Messages on iPhone

Once and forever disable operator ads it will not work on the iPhone – it will always appear sooner or later automatically on your phone screen. This can be done in two ways.

Paid operator services can be disabled directly from iPhone settings

  • Go to settings.
  • Select Cellular.
  • Open the “SIM Programs” item.

The method is similar to entering the USSD command in the “Phone”: also select the desired sub-item (“Weather”, “Beep” and others), click on it and select “Disable”, after which a message will appear on the screen confirming the deactivation of the service.

Disable Carrier Ads on iPhone

If you did not manage to disable ads, you can try a more reliable method: this can be done through the application of the telecom operator or your personal account on the site.

You can not only deactivate the service, but also protect yourself from their connection in the future

  • We’re moving on to your operator’s request.
  • Select “Service Management” or “Services”. It may be called differently, but the essence is the same.
  • We go to the “Other” section: most often additional services are hidden there.
  • Select the one you want and click “Disable”.

Likewise, you can disable annoying ads through your personal account on the site, but for this you will need to remember your account password or enter by number. A big advantage of this method is that the necessary menu items can be found via search – it’s not in the mobile app, so you often have to search for settings randomly.

How to remove operator ads?

It is also surprising that the permanent connection of paid services has become a business. If you didn’t log anything, but after a while the money started to disappear from the account, don’t be surprised – they just decided to make money from you. Confirmation of this is the presence of a service (again, paid), which prevents your number from connecting to paid subscriptions.

Each of these options can be automatically connected to your number

In my opinion, it is of course a scam, but if you don’t want to take risks, you can try to connect it: this is especially true if you want to protect your child from connecting various types of services on the Internet or for your parents who may click in the wrong place after the money has been withdrawn from the account.

It is also important to note that sometimes carriers automatically connect services to rarely used numbers. For example, people from the older generation who rarely call and choose a simpler rate with per-minute billing. As a result, the provider earns nothing from the subscriber and quietly connects these subscriptions.

Disable Spam on iPhone

On the other hand, operators have cool services that allow disable spamincoming SMS messages. In general, this can also be done using digital identifiers such as Yandex.

If a caller ID is installed, you can complain to the developers of the mailing list

  • Install Yandex app or another caller ID on your iPhone.
  • After that go to Settings.
  • Select “Phone” and go to “Report Spam”.
  • Activate the required application from the list.

After that you can tell the developers complaints about incoming calls or bulk messaging by tapping “Report SMS” in an iMessage chat. You can also activate the additional service “SMS filter” in the personal account of the operator, thanks to which you will not receive messages with questionable content. True, it will cost a lot of money: for example, Tele2 charges 81 rubles for such a service, which is quite expensive.

And you can not only activate the anti-id, but also know who called you, even if the number is hidden. Learn more about this feature in our article.