How to Create Memes from iPhone

Memes are part of our daily lives. These add a fun touch to any conversation. Even to understand some memes, you need to know the context surrounding the meme itself. So, since we know you’re a meme lover, today we bring you everything you need to know to create memes from your iPhone.

And yes, we know you have that”So interesting tell me more“, we explain to you. You will not need to go to your PC to be able to generate or create the memes, you can do everything from your iPhone either by downloading certain applications or, as the last option, by accessing a website.

We can also save memes in WhatsApp stickers, although sometimes people lose them when changing phones. But this has a solution, so you can transfer all stickers to your new iPhone without losing them in WhatsApp. Don’t let this happen to you again!

Learn How to Create Memes from iPhone?

Create memes Using Image Editors

This is the easiest way to generate a meme, although, of course, you have to have the image. Indeed, image editors like Canva or Studio will allow you to easily modify the text you want to put on the meme.

While there are known meme patterns you can use, as a good meme fanatic you can create your memes based on your own images.

It’s the fastest and easiest option to create memes from your iPhone. And best of all, you can put your wits to the test to generate fun new memes with which you can make your friends laugh.

Remember that the only thing you have to do after modifying your photo, in one of these applications, is to download the meme. It will be automatically saved on your iPhone and you are ready to use it.

Create memes with Mematic

Mematic is a dedicated tool for creating and editing memes. You can select one of the meme templates that the app itself offers you or use one of your photos to generate the meme.

It is a tool with a very comfortable interface for the user since it shows you several options to modify:

  • Character font.
  • Letter size.
  • borders.
  • Add stickers or emojis.
  • Put watermarks.
  • Change the colors of the image.

Remember that after you edit the meme you need to upload the image. This will be saved to your iPhone camera roll.

Create Memes using GIFs & Memes

GIF & Memes is another of the best options that you can download from the App Store for creating memes from your iPhone. With this, you have the possibility to edit your memes with:

  • Personalized texts.
  • Emoji and stickers.
  • Use of GIFs.

Even better, you can bookmark the memes you’ve already created and liked the most. You also have the option of using the templates in case you are looking for an already famous meme, as well as sharing this meme on different social networks and messaging apps. Note that after editing the meme, you also need to download the image to your iPhone.

Create Memes with Imgur

Create memes with Imgur

Imgur is another app available for iPhone that will help you create memes from scratch, as well as use the templates it offers. The most interesting thing about this application is that you can browse the app and see the memes that the community has already uploaded there. In other words, you would be on the Facebook of memes.

If you liked only one picture, you can save it to your iPhone. Although of course you also have the possibility to generate your memes and, like the previous tools, you can change them to your liking.

Create memes using websites

If your iPhone has full internal memory and you don’t want to delete any apps to make room or you just don’t want to install any of the options we show you above, you can also you can support yourself with sites dedicated to creating memes. Some of them are:

With any of these websites, you can create your memes, either using one of the templates they provide or using one of your photos. Whichever option you use, you will also need to download the image to your iPhone.