How to Create a Twitter RSS Feed?

How to Create a Twitter RSS Feed? Years ago, Twitter had RSS feed icons. on all profiles so that users could easily access their own personal feeds (or the feeds of other users). An RSS feed of your Twitter profile is very practical if you want to send your tweets to a blog or another social network.

You can also collect the Twitter RSS feeds of the people you follow and paste them into an RSS reader, which is handy if you want to create your own ready Custom Twitter account but you don’t like the list feature integrated from Twitter.

How to Create a Twitter RSS Feed?

Visit in your web browser (Rite now the site is not working)

  1. TwitRSS. is by far one of the fastest and easiest ways to generate a Twitter RSS feed. You don’t need to do anything technical and you can create your feeds in a matter of seconds.
  2. has two options: RSS feeds for a particular user’s tweets, and RSS feeds for a term you would normally enter into the Twitter search field. The latter is super useful if you want to follow trending terms or hashtags.
  3. For the Twitter Users, RSS Feeds option: You just have to write the name of the Twitter user you want in the corresponding field. You can optionally include all replies they send to other users by checking the With replies. box.
  4. For the Twitter search RSS feed option: You just have to write the search term in the corresponding field.
  5. Select the big blue button Fetch RSS to create your feed.

It may take several seconds, so please be patient while the page loads.

Copy the URL of your RSS feed and save it somewhere

If you use a browser like Google Chrome, you’ll see a bunch of code on the next page. If you are using a browser like Mozilla firefox you will see a feed of posts with the option to add them to your Live Bookmarks.

  1. What you really want, ideally, is to feed the URL. If your feed es for a user, it should look something like this:[USERNAME]
  2. If your feed is a search term, it should be something like:[SEARCH TERM]

Bookmark the link in your browser or save it somewhere (like in Evernote using the Web Clipper extension) so you never lose it and can access it whenever you want. Then you can go ahead and use the feed with the service RSS friendly of your choice.

Check out Queryfeed as another alternative

You might want to take a look at Queryfeed in addition to TwitRSS. I. Like TwitterRSS. Just like TwitterRSS. I, query feed allows you to create RSS feeds from Twitter search terms, with several different customizable options that you can take advantage of to build your feed the way you want.

Queryfeed even lets you create RSS feeds for search terms on Google+, Facebook and Instagram, so if you use those social networks to keep track of trending topics Also, this tool could be seriously worth checking out.