how to connect two airpods to one phone

How to connect two airpods to one phone?

Steps to connect two AirPods to the same iPhone or iPad

We’ve all seen movies, series, or even shared music with someone at some point in our lives. In fact, it’s a common thing. But have you ever wondered what would happen if that friend listened with their headphones to the same thing you listen to with yours?

And yes, it is something that can be done and you will get a lot out of it. That’s why we explain today how to connect two AirPods to the same iPhone or iPad.

Why is this so important? Imagine you are going with your partner or friend to exercise, they could both listen to the same songs. Or they could watch shows or movies from your iPad but each with their own AirPods.

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How to Connect two Airpods to Mac ? Step by step Tutorial

First, connect your AirPods and play whatever content you want

Sharing the audio that your iPhone or iPad is playing is something very useful and achieving it is an easy task. This configuration is something that can help you in many scenarios: traveling, listening to music, watching movies together, working out, etc..

But what to do to connect two AirPods to the same iPhone or iPad? The first thing to do is to connect your own AirPods to your device. Now, once you’ve made sure they’re connected, you need to open the app you want to share with this person: Spotify or Apple Music (if you are going to listen to music), Netflix, HBO Max, Disney Plus (if you are going to watch movies), etc.

Share what you’re listening to with others

Once you have selected or chosen the app to play the content you want to share with that other person, it’s time to pair the other AirPods. To do this, you need to access the control center of your iPhone:

  • Enter for Control center from your iPhone or iPad.
  • press the air play button (square at the top right that shows you what is playing).
  • Click on share the sound.

This step is very important, because the recognition of other headphones depends on the model or brand. if they are certain AirPods or AirPods Pro keep them headphones in their box and open it near your iPhone or iPad when it recognizes other devices.

if they are certain AirPods Max they do not need to be kept in their box, just bring them closer when your iPhone or iPad recognizes devices to share audio.

Another option is to use headphones that are not Apple branded, such as Beats, that you can also sync them. To do this, all you need to do is activate the sharing mode of these hearing aids when your iPhone or iPad recognizes other hearing aids.

Next, when your iPhone or iPad recognizes AirPods Pro, AirPods Max or others, you need to follow these steps:

  • Click again on share the sound when it detects the AirPods.
  • to push on Ok to confirm pairing with your iPhone or iPad.

In this way, you will have managed to share the audio of your iPhone or iPad with other AirPods -in addition to yours-. We assure you that sharing music or watching movies and series with a friend in this way is a unique experience that will make you enjoy it to the fullest.

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Which devices are compatible to connect two AirPods to the same iPhone or iPad?

It’s possible that after following these steps, you still can’t pair two different AirPods to your iPhone or iPad. This happens because not all models are compatible with this configuration, so here we leave you a list of which devices are compatible with this option:

  • iPhone 8 or later.
  • iPad Pro 2nd generation or later.
  • 11-inch iPad Pro.
  • 10.5-inch iPad Pro.
  • iPad Air 3rd generation or later.
  • iPad mini 5th generation or later.
  • iPad 5th generation or newer.
  • iPod touch 7th generation.

We also want to clarify what earphones are compatible for this option:

  • AirPods Max.
  • AirPods Pro.
  • AirPods 1st generation or later.
  • Power beats.
  • professional only
  • Power Beat Pro.
  • Powerbeats3 wireless.
  • Beats Solo3 Wireless.
  • Beats Studio3 Wireless.
  • BeatsX.
  • Beats Flex.
  • Beats Fit Pro.