How to Connect Mi Fit to iPhone?

How to Connect Mi Fit to iPhone? Xiaomi fitness bracelets are known not only for their price but also for their usefulness: they work very well with iPhone and Android.

True, it is still a little better with Android – on these smartphones the standard application can be replaced by cool and more advanced counterparts.

However, many users choose Mi Band as an excellent alternative to Apple Watch at an affordable price: Admittedly, not everyone knows this, but Mi Band can be connected directly to Health – Apple’s proprietary app, where all your activity and rest data resides.

It turns out that the bracelet will be used instead of the Apple Watch, and the data will be entered automatically. 

We find out how to make friends with the iPhone Mi Band and what are the nuances

How to make Mi Band friends with Apple Health?

Mi Band compatibility with iPhone

I already use the third generation of Mi Band (now, by the way, it’s called Xiaomi Smart Band): during this time I learned a lot of nuances about how mi band works with the iPhone. For example, did you know that iOS 14 has the ability to correct your daily steps?

To do this, you had to go to the Health app, select “Stages” and click on “Edit”. The chip was precisely seen as an opportunity to change the value to a more accurate one so that the data was correct. On the other hand, the data could be manipulated, for example, when reporting to your coach.

The bracelet works well with the iPhone, but with an Android smartphone – a little better

Anyway, in iOS 15 edit step data you can’t: you can add the steps you took if you forgot the bracelet and the phone, but managed to calculate the number of steps you took to the store for dumplings and back.

At the same time, after adding step data on the iPhone, in the Mi Fit (now Zepp Life) application, it is unchanged, since it is received directly from the information source.

By the way, you can even add sleep time if you suddenly find yourself in bed without Mi Band. Here’s how.

You can add sleep time if you forgot to wear the bracelet

  • Go to Health on your iPhone.
  • Click on the “Preview” tab at the bottom.
  • Select Sleep.
  • Click on “Data” in the upper right corner.
  • Enter the start and end of the dream.

How to Connect Mi Fit to iPhone?

In theory, the bracelet is always automatically connected to Health as a data source after the first synchronization and configuration on the phone. But if not, do it manually.

Once set up, all of your activity, sleep, and even heart rate data will automatically show up in the Health app. It’s very easy to do.

Activate the type of data to be transmitted from the bracelet

  • Go to settings.
  • Select Health.
  • Click on “Data access and devices”.
  • Click “Zepp Life” at the top.
  • Activate the desired sliders near the various elements at the top in the writing options and at the bottom – in the reading options of the application.

Pay attention to the “Data from Zepp Life” item: it was in it that you could change the indicators before, but now you can’t. Take a look, for example, in “Steps”: now a walking session can be deleted after clicking on “Edit” if you have suddenly worked too much.

Mi Band notifications Do not Come

But there is also a small problem. What to do if Mi Band does not receive notifications? In most cases, this is due to the quality of the Internet: if the notification did not arrive on the iPhone due to a bad connection, then it will not appear on the bracelet either. However, first, we go to the Zepp Life app and check the settings.

What to do if notifications do not reach Mi Band, although they are activated?

  • Go to Zepp Life.
  • Select the Profile tab.
  • Click on your device, then select Notifications.

Enable the ones you need from the list, then check if notifications arrive on the fitness bracelet. If the problem persists, follow these steps.

  • In the settings, select the fitness bracelet app, and check if notifications are enabled.
  • In the same place, activate “Content update” and “Cellular data”.
  • Disable focus and screen time.

Also, be sure to turn off the battery saver and check your Bluetooth connection: if notifications are not reaching your Mi Band, try removing the bracelet from the list of connections and adding it again.

The Mi Band has a fairly stable application, but after transforming into Zepp Life, it started to fail – this was noticed by many users. In any case, the developers are constantly improving it and fixing bugs, so try to update it in time.

By the way, don’t be afraid if you see Mi Band Widget for iPhone: it seems that the developers forgot about it, so it has been in such a deadlocked state for several years.